Advanced Credits for Kinesiology Grads

Advanced Credits for Kinesiology Grads

Why a Career in Registered Massage Therapy?

Here are just a few reasons why a career in Registered Massage Therapy might be a good choice for you.

  • Healthcare jobs are expected to grow faster than any other industry, roughly 22% or 3.2 million new jobs.
  • Massage is one of the fastest growing health care industries in North America
  • More doctor referrals for RMT treatments (70%)
  • Growth in Massage Therapy is outpacing chiropractic and physiotherapy (Fraser Institute Report, 2016)

Advanced Credits for Kinesiology Grads:

This allows those with relevant educational backgrounds to receive, through a prior learning assessment (PLA) process, course credits thereby reducing the total hours* and cost of completing their RMT education at WCCMT.

*Although total hours are reduced, given the structure of the program, the duration (20-months) remains the same.


The number of hours that will be reduced from the 2423 hours in the regular program will vary dependent on each individuals PLA assessment. Kin grads could receive course credit for as much as 20% of the RMT program.


As program cost is calculated on a by-course basis the overall cost of the RMT program is reduced for Kin grads in direct proportion to the course credits received. This could translate to as much as a 20% reduction, bringing the overall cost from $33,250 to $26,600. Additional expenses, such as textbooks, would also be reduced accordingly.

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