Morgan McIntosh

Morgan McIntosh

From Surfing to Massage Therapy; Preparing for the Future.

morgan (2)An avid surfer and yoga instructor, Morgan McIntosh has always promoted strength, and has been interested in the well-being of herself and others. Combining those interests with a love of customer service and personal interactions, Morgan found a job after high school in the tourism industry. Morgan enjoyed her job and found work during the peak tourism season in her small Vancouver Island community of Tofino. When the peak tourism hours had passed, Morgan found that she could take the time to travel, surf and explore, enjoying her youth to the fullest extent.

As the years passed, she began to realize that the few months of the year she was working wouldn’t be enough to support her in the long run, especially if she wanted to start a family. She also began to feel like settling down in her small community of Tofino, which had provided her with so much support during her early career. After contemplating what to do about her career path and financial situation, Morgan decided that the WCCMT would allow her to work in the service industry which she loved, and allow her to transition into a new chapter of her life. This would also allow her the time to surf, travel and meet lots of new people.

Morgan was more than a little nervous when she first applied to WCCMT. She knew it meant leaving her tight-knit community for the big city life of Victoria, leaving her friends and co-workers for a new group of fellow students. However, upon arriving in Victoria, Morgan was pleasantly surprised. She found that the student body at WCCMT was able to provide her with the same support as her small Tofino community. She loved that all the students had the same interests that she had and became part of the tight-knit student body community. Morgan also came to terms with the fact that Victoria was the place to be for Massage Therapy, and that it would be beneficial to embrace her new community while she was studying there.

Morgan loves the idea of Massage Therapy, as it allows her to help others and free them from all kinds of pain.  She loves her program and her fellow students, and really believes that she chose the right career path to help her prepare for her future. “I have gone from a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants lifestyle to one with routine, and I love it,”   explains Morgan, “I am so impressed with the academic and administrative staff and the student body, everyone is so down- to- earth.”   She cannot wait to get started with her career. While Morgan still enjoys travelling and surfing, she wants to find a balance between her hobbies and her new career.  “I am putting all of the pieces of my life together, to make a difference and to help people”.

Morgan says she would like to return to her community of Tofino after graduation and that she wishes to give back to the people that have given her so much. She realizes that if she wants her Massage Therapy career to really take off, she must find clients in the local natives, not just the tourists. Morgan is passionate about what she does and feels optimistic about her new adventure into Massage Therapy. She knows that it will enable her to live a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, while still enjoying all the things that make her who she is.

Morgan McIntosh is currently studying Massage Therapy at WCCMT. if you are interested in sharing your story, please contact [email protected]. If you are interested in learning more about our Massage Therapy programs, please take a look at the following link:



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