Our Team

Our Team

Nicole Freesman, RMT, PID
Executive Director and Senior Education Administrator

WCCMT is proud to take its next giant step into the future of massage therapy education in B.C. with the appointment of Nicole Freesman, RMT, PID to the position of Executive Director and Senior Educational Administrator. Nicole is a graduate of WCCMT Victoria (2003) and has been a successful massage therapist, clinic owner and operator. She joined the team at WCCMT as a Clinic Supervisor in 2005, then a Primary Instructor in 2006. Shortly thereafter, given her capacity and passion in educational administration, was promoted to the position of Assistant Campus Director, followed by Campus Director and Curriculum Coordinator. In April of 2019 Nicole became the Assistant SEA in preparation to assume the reigns of educational leadership at WCCMT. Her leadership style and educational approach are strongly rooted in intrinsic motivation. Nicole strives to inspire people to connect to their passion and energy to help support and fuel their direction in life, whether it be education or massage. Her vision, integrity and commitment to the profession in B.C., will serve to foster recognition and respect for the important difference massage therapy care makes for the clients and the general public. Nicole hopes students leave the walls of WCCMT with a foundation of knowledge to begin their careers, but also an open mind that continues to grow and evolve.

 Cidalia Paiva, Ph.D – Director of Compliance

Cidalia Paiva Ph.D. has been a pioneer and leader in the registered massage therapy field for over 28 years. She served as the Executive Director of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy for 26 years. In January of 2022 she returned to WCCMT to support the College in the role of Director of Compliance. In addition to her leadership and administrative roles Dr. Paiva is also a foremost expert in the area of Ethics and Professionalism education for healthcare professionals including registered massage therapists and the author of two textbooks on the subject as well as over 60 trade Journal articles.

Kadauna Wilkes, MA, Bsc
Campus Director

Kadauna hails from the tropical Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where she came from humble beginnings. She started in the field of environmental and public education, where she worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a Public Education Officer. In 2009, she obtained a scholarship to pursue a BSc. in Computer Science (Venezuela) and graduated in 2014. Her experience studying and living in Venezuela, galvanized the need to contribute more to the development of the educational sector. In 2014, she returned to her homeland, where she worked with the National College as an Information Communication Technology Support Specialist and facilitator. With Kadauna’s experience in technology integration and lesson planning, has fuelled her passion and love for education. Thus, her quest for continued learning led her to Canada to pursue her Masters of Arts in Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University, where she successfully graduated. Given Kadauna’s professional and educational background, she believes her new role as WCCMT Campus Director, is an excellent opportunity to make a difference whilst promoting lifelong learning, and supporting faculty and students in their drive for success. Moreover, she considers team building essential in order to be successful, as it provides daily learning opportunities for everyone, whilst enhancing the sustainable future of WCCMT. In addition, Kadauna enjoys permaculture and is an astute environmental steward, who believes in being sustainable and self-sufficient to improve one’s health and well-being.

Lisa Fletcher, RMT
Clinic Coordinator

Fletcher graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, BC in 2014 at which time she was honored with receiving The Lindsay Atkinson-Duncan Memorial Award for, “Outstanding qualities of kindness, perseverance and the human spirit”. She has since enjoyed busy and satisfying practices in Squamish, Qualicum Bay and Victoria, British Columbia, and Niagara Falls, Ontario. She is excited to have settled into the city of Victoria, offering her skill set to help those in the community as well as support current students in her role of Clinic Coordinator and Health & Safety Officer at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Coming from a background assisting with emergency veterinary care, Fletcher brings along with her extensive R.M.T. education, a deeper understanding and appreciation, as well as hands-on experience of the living body and its dysfunction and disease processes. Fletcher believes that positive therapeutic touch is of utmost importance for mental and emotional well-being and incorporates this philosophy into her treatments and teaching moments at the college. Providing an inclusive safe space, animals, nature and family are among Fletcher’s top passions in life. In her off time, Fletcher enjoys exploring the forest and ocean line, impromptu road trips, snowshoeing, playing her guitar, camping, and building tiny furniture. Fletcher acknowledges the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking People on whose territory she resides and endeavors to do so with gratitude, humility, and compassion.

Donna Legris
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Donna joined the WCCMT team in December 2017 as our Clinic Receptionist and brings years of reception and customer service experience with her. Originally from Alberta, she has worked in the medical and veterinary field. She also has worked as front desk concierge in another Victoria spa before joining us. Donna enjoys the daily interaction with all of our clinic clients and also with the students that are working in it as well.

Samantha Maegaard
Admissions & Operations Coordinator

Samantha has been a dedicated and enthusiastic long-time employee of WCCMT Victoria. She was first hired in September 2010 after graduating from WCCMT’s Spa Practitioner Program where she worked as the evening receptionist for approximately 6 years. In July of 2016, Samantha was promoted to Executive Assistant & Admissions Coordinator. Her tasks mainly included assisting prospective students in their efforts to become registered massage therapists and assisting the Executive Director with educational and operations related tasks. In February 2020, after 4 years as the Executive Assistant, Samantha was retitled to Admissions & Marketing Coordinator and soon afterwards in May 2020 received a promotion to Admissions & Operations Coordinator. In Samantha’s new role, she hopes to continue to empower prospective students to turn their dreams into reality by supporting their journey of personal growth and transformation as well as navigate the operations of WCCMT Victoria in her role of Operations Coordinator.

Christine Legris
Student Services Coordinator

Christine joined the WCCMT team in May 2021 as our Student Services Coordinator.  Originally from Alberta, she moved here to attend studies in Biology and Psychology at the University of Victoria, and then worked in the pet care and emergency veterinary industry. Having recently been a post-secondary student herself, Christine loves being able to support the students and their needs. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, painting, and exploring the island.

Hector Lopez Segarra
AV Technician and Administrative Support

Hector Joined the WCCMT team in November 2020 as an AV Technician and administration support. He obtained a Master of Arts in Humanities from the University of Victoria. Throughout his degree, he focused his studies on the burgeoning computational side of the humanities. Hector takes great pleasure in helping out the WCCMT staff, faculty, and students with any technical issues that may arise.

Jason Benjamin

Jason has been a long-time employee of WCCMT Victoria. You can typically find him managing our busy public intern clinic in the evenings and weekends. Jason likes listening to jazz music and riding his bike. He is a reliable pillar in the house that is WCCMT and we thank him for his years of service!

WCCMT Victoria Instructional Faculty

Airlie Longpre  R.M.T

Alana Zapletal  R.M.T.

Amie McColl  R.M.T.

Ayla Dinney  R.M.T.

Ben Woods    RMT, D.O.M.P., D.Sc.O

Blaire Pardee R.M.T.

Carmen Sima  M.Sc, Ph.D

Catrin Jones R.M.T

Chad Gottfried R.M.T

Christopher Frary  R.M.T.

Darcie Coles R.M.T.

Declynn Robertson-Hooper R.M.T

Dena McDonald R.M.T

Eric Vanderwekken  R.M.T.

Lisa Fletcher R.M.T

Fran Blake  R.M.T.

Hajer Mustafa BSc, MSc

Harry Kaari R.M.T

Hayley Moriarity  R.M.T

Jaime deMelo  N.D.

Jared Grant R.M.T

Jenna LaFleche R.M.T

Jennifer Pendray R.M.T

Kate Coey R.M.T

Kelly D’Ambrogio R.M.T

Kelsey Matichuk  R.M.T

Kirsten Hammond R.M.T

Kristen Bradley  R.M.T

Kristy Elesko  R.M.T.

Leanne Teron R.M.T

Lindsay Campa R.M.T

Lisa Davies R.M.T.

Lysanne Lavigne R.M.T

Marc Jones R.M.T

Matthew Fleet  R.M.T.

Maximillian Vaclav R.M.T

Meagan Gwilt  R.M.T

Megan Rivard  R.M.T

Michelle Payne   ND

Nicole Freesman R.M.T, PID

Nichola Slade R.M.T

Paul Stephen R.M.T.

Rebecca Tranter R.M.T

Renanta Brandes R.M.T.

Roxoliana Prus R.M.T

Ryley Russell MA Experimental Psychology

Sam Low R.M.T

Sara Stamm R.M.T

Sean Payne DC, DIBCN

Shannon Dodson BS.C, D.C.

Steve Roland R.M.T.

Tanya Alton R.M.T.

Trisha Cardinal  R.M.T

Vanora Millar B.A. RMT

Wynona Put  R.M.T

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