Becoming Part of Positive Change

Becoming Part of Positive Change

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Erika Sloss is a term one student starting at the Victoria campus. We touched base with her on how she’s feeling at the start of her journey to becoming an RMT.

Photo 10157609818565232What made you want to become an RMT?

I have always had a passion for wellness, an active lifestyle and a curiosity for the human body. Self-care is number one for me, so pursuing a career where I can assist people in maintaining optimal health for themselves is an exciting endeavor.

Why did you pick WCCMT?

I have many friends in the industry who have attended WCCMT and are now thriving massage therapists in the community. I feel very confident in the course curriculum and in the experienced instructors that are leading us through it.

What part of the program do you think will be the most challenging?

It is a very fast paced program, with new knowledge coming your way non-stop. The challenge will be to keep on top of the studies and commit myself fully to school. My social life will have to take the back-burner for now.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to acquiring all of the vast, fascinating knowledge that is presented to us. Massage therapy is becoming more recognized and appreciated every day. I am very grateful to become a part of an industry that is making a positive change in the world.

How did you feel on the first day?

Excited to start the journey and meet all of my classmates that will become my family over the next 20 months.

What do you think will keep you the most motivated when things get stressful?

My support network of fellow classmates, family and friends. Also my passion for the industry that I have chosen to pursue.

Do you know what you want to do after you graduate?

At the start I would love to work in a multi-disciplinary clinic to gain valuable experience with other health care professionals. My long term goal is to open a holistic retreat centre with fellow friends & family in the wellness industry.

Thank you Erika for sharing your experience with us! Want to share your story? Contact [email protected] to be featured in our blog. As always, WCCMT would love to see you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to stay connected with our community.

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