Supporting Massage Therapy Students and Alumni

Supporting Massage Therapy Students and Alumni

Halifax. Toronto. Cambridge. New Westminster. Victoria.

These are the amazing locations of our CCMH/WCCMT campuses across the country. We are very grateful for the opportunities these different locations afford for our students and alumni.

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To start, our campuses recognize each other’s courses. This means that our students have the option to change locations and transfer their credits from one campus to the other. If our students ever find that they need to relocate, we can support them and ensure that they can pick up right where they left off as opposed to taking courses over again. Kelly is just one of our students who has transferred from one campus to another, and she shared her experience in one of our blogs.

Having campuses across the country also provides students, alumni and faculty with amazing networking opportunities. In addition to connecting online through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, the CCMH community has local information and connections in these different cities. If you are looking for opportunities to work in other provinces or for advice on finding work abroad, members of the CCMH community can provide you with insights and tips or connect you with job opportunities. One of the first pieces of advice they might give you is to set up a LinkedIn account and connect with RMTs through WCCMT/CCMH’s LinkedIn page. Another friendly tip would be to check out the different campuses’ job boards.

Multiple campuses also provide our faculty with the opportunity to interact with different faculty members and clinics, providing additional learning opportunities. Some of our faculty even teach at multiple campuses, such as Joydeep, who is an instructor at both the Toronto and the Cambridge campuses.

The demand for Massage Therapy is growing, and becoming a Massage Therapist is an excellent career that you can take with you wherever you go. Our students get a sense of this from the very start of their programs. In addition to the career itself, our Massage Therapy programs provide students with access to campuses across the country, demonstrating the portability and flexibility of Massage Therapy. Once they complete the program, our graduates can work in clinics and spas at home or abroad, or they can work on the go through mobile clinics, cruise ships and sports teams.

To learn more about our campuses and programs, we welcome you to join us at our Open Houses: Victoria, New Westminster, Toronto, Cambridge, and Halifax. We also offer free “Student for a Day” programs for prospective students wanting to explore a career in Massage Therapy, which can also serve to better acquaint you with the campus you visit. We look forward to seeing you at one (or more!) of our campuses.

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