Holistic Approach to Massage Therapy in Victoria: Matthew Clark

Holistic Approach to Massage Therapy in Victoria: Matthew Clark

Back to School at 35: Meet Matt Clark

matt clarkNew WCCMT Student Matt Clark is excited to start the Massage Therapy program this September. Prior to coming to WCCMT, he gained a lot of experience in the hospitality and customer service industry. “I grew up in a family that had worked in the hospitality industry for 50 years. I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, and after that I worked as a bell man and Assistant Manager. I also volunteered as a fireman and in EMS.” said Matt, “Eventually I found that my job was no longer fulfilling and I needed something more.” After working in management, he knew he did not want to continue doing that every day. That being said, he did want to continue to work in the services industry, but he wanted to provide service to others in a holistic, healing capacity.

Matt is a great believer in the goodness of what the land provides and attempting to find natural solutions. He currently lives on a farm and enjoys the products of the land. “Walking through the farm and picking the fresh produce that in turn become the ingredients for that evening’s meal is a truly incredible experience. Everything is natural and fresh. “The holistic approach is very important to Matt, who feels that we as a society rely heavily on chemicals and the cures of modern medicine “I am really looking forward to learning holistic approaches to help ease people’s pain. I hope to provide my clients with more natural solutions for pain management in the future.” With his past experience in customer service, he has no doubt in his ability to work well with people. “I feel that my communication skills will enable me ask the right questions, find out what is wrong, and allow me to provide my clients with effective care.”

Going into Term 1, Matt is not nervous about going back to school. He feels more confident and self-assured in his abilities to study now than when he was a younger student, but there is always a little nervousness that goes along with a career change. He is already thinking about what he’d like to do after he graduates. “I’d like to gain some massage experience by working in a multidisciplinary massage clinic or spa. Then, I am hoping to open my own clinic, specializing in pain management.” We are thrilled to get you started on your journey, Matt! Welcome to the College of Massage!

We are excited to welcome Matt Clark and our newest students to WCCMT this term! If you are interested in learning more about our programs, ask us your questions. If you are a CCMH graduate or student and would like to share your story with our community on our blog, please contact us at [email protected].


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