Human Kinetics, WCCMT and RMT: A Q&A with Student Julia Staniszewski

Human Kinetics, WCCMT and RMT: A Q&A with Student Julia Staniszewski



Julia Staniszewski is a Term 2 student that came to our Victoria campus last year with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from UBC. Last week, we asked Julia to answer a series of questions regarding her background and her decision to come to WCCMT to study RMT. We are pleased to have the opportunity of sharing her valuable answers with you in this Q&A and hope you will find them as insightful as we do.


1. What made you decide to get into RMT after completing your degree in Human Kinetics?

Originally, I was considering a career as a physiotherapist upon completing my degree. After graduating, I received an opportunity to work at a fantastic physiotherapy clinic in my hometown of Kelowna, BC. My experience there was invaluable – I was able to see the skill-set necessary to be an exceptional healthcare professional. There was also an awesome RMT who worked at the clinic. The more I worked there, the more I realized I wanted my day-to-day practice to resemble the RMT’s. I found myself envisioning (and getting excited!) spending ample time with someone’s tissue with the intentions to nurture and make them feel better.


2. How do you feel your background will help you in the field of RMT?

So far, my background has really aided me in grasping new concepts quickly. Already being familiarized with a lot of the scientific terminology allowed me to add another layer of learning and insight to my course material. Additionally, I think my kinesiology background will further help by providing more depth into how I assess and treat my patients. For example, I have taken multiple upper-level physiology and rehabilitation courses. Knowing much more about a disease or condition provides me with a greater scope and more confidence.


3. What do you love the most about Health Sciences/Human Kinetics?

1900611_10152365556205310_6846167388131416748_oI think the main reasons I love Health Sciences/KIN are my passion for science and the human body. In hindsight, it was extremely rewarding spending four years to delve into everything that was “the study of the human body”. What is even more exciting is the sheer vastness of health science topics. I cannot imagine ever feeling like I have learned all there is to know! Most importantly, I also left the program feeling confident on how to critically analyze research and peer-review material. Knowing how to find quality research will be invaluable when I am working with patients as a healthcare professional and RMT.


4. What do you love the most about RMT so far?

Without a doubt, I love all of the hands-on experience we are gaining. The way I look at it, my Human Kinetics degree taught me how to effectively learn and absorb knowledge, whereas becoming an RMT is really allowing me to put all of my skills to work. It is awesome to have a minimum of 10 hours a week simply to assess, palpate and massage other individuals. I also really love how much my sense of touch and body awareness have heightened since starting the program at WCCMT.


5. What advice would you give to others with degrees in either Health Science or Kinesiology considering the field of RMT?

If you are at all considering the field of RMT, take the time to see if it is the right fit. The college here is fantastic with allowing you to sit in on classes before you enroll. Do so! Also, do not doubt the caliber of receiving a diploma. It took me a battle with me ego to “not go into a Master’s program”. In reality, the amount of hands-on and applicable experience makes up for any doubt I originally had. Know that having a previous HS or KIN degree will be super advantageous coming in the program. Lastly, consider what type of population you want to work with and how you want to affect/help them.


Thank you Julia for providing us with such in-depth answers! We appreciate the time you put into answering our questions and are glad to have to opportunity of sharing your story with other students, faculty and alumni.

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