Sandra Viaes

Sandra Viaes

Sandra Viaes

Sandra Viaes is one of our graduates from the CCMH campus, back when we were located at Finch and Dufferin. We may have changed locations since then, but we’re still in touch with Sandra. She spoke with us today about why she chose to attend CCMH, how Massage Therapy changed her life, and how Massage Therapy is anything but fluff!

Hi Sandra! Thank you for joining us today. What made you want to choose a career in Massage Therapy?

I grew up playing sports and I was always athletic. I knew I wanted to carry that over in my career to work with athletes. I originally wanted to be a Physical Therapist. During my fourth year of university (I went to Brock University for Sport and Exercise Management), I got into a minor car accident. That’s when I started getting massages for whiplash. I couldn’t believe the level of care I got from my Massage Therapist.

Massage was not just the fluffy stuff everyone made it out to be. Soon thereafter, I started questioning my career path. It didn’t take long to decide. I graduated from Brock that April, and that September I was starting my path to becoming a RMT at CCMH.

Can you tell us why you chose to attend CCMH?

I chose CCMH for its reputation in the industry. The program got right to the point with no fluff. We didn’t have to take any electives. You only take what was related to the program and your career.

It was a quick two year program, but man was it intense! As long as you didn’t slack off and you did your reading every night, you were good! But don’t plan on taking a week vacation mid-semester because you will never catch up.

What’s your favourite thing about being an RMT?

What I love about being an RMT is helping others heal. It’s so much more than just physical too. I have been doing this for twelve years now, and the mental and emotional part of it is huge.

When someone is hurting for so long, it takes an emotional toll on them. When you can start healing their pain and discomfort, their mind begins to heal as well. You tend to build a bond with each client. They are trusting you with their pain and injury. As their therapist, you tend to see them at their most vulnerable. You develop a unique bond with them during their healing. My clients are like my family.

What advice do you have for new and current students at CCMH?

Stick with it! Yes, it is a tough course — but totally worth it. Massage is not the stereotypical “fluffy” stuff like you see on TV. The courses are intense. Clients are shocked when I explain the curriculum and some of the classes we have to take. It teaches them to take us RMTs more seriously. It’s the real deal.

WE are the real deal.

What are you doing now?

Now, I am my own boss! I own my own practice with seven RMTs, a Naturopathic doctor, and an Osteopath.

Sometimes, I look back to my CCMH days and I think to myself “Wow! How did I do that?” But I did it — and I am so glad I did!

Thanks Sandra! We are so thrilled to hear how your time at CCMH was useful to you, and that you’re doing so well in your career!

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Sandra Viaes

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