The Student Intern Clinic operates after classes Monday to Friday from 3.45 pm – 7.15 pm. Every student completing their internship is required to participate in Clinic during its hours of operation. Outreaches are scheduled opportunistically as each event is available. They may be scheduled during class and/or after hours at a variety of locations.

Clinical Practicum Hours Total -330hrs- broken down as follows

AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act) Training: 3hrs

Clinic and Outreach Orientation: 7hrs

  • Topics to be discussed include: Clinical Practicum Policies and Procedures, relevant paperwork and outreach expectations

Intern Clinic: 210hrs

  • 14 shifts consisting of 5 hours each working on patients of the student intern clinic
  • Each shift will consist of 2 treatment blocks. Each treatment being 1hr and 30min in duration composed of 30 minutes assigned to assessment and 60 minutes for treatment (to include any home care given). There is a 45-minute break between each block.
  • 70 hours per term starting in Term 2.

Outreach/In-Reach/Placement: 110hrs

  • Term 2, 3 & 4 will treat different population groups in a variety of settings on/off campus, including but not limited to Sport, Corporate/Community, and Hospital/Hospice environments
  • Placements occur at each site 6 rotations per year (2 rotations per term). Each placement rotation consists of on 4 hour shift per week for 8 weeks.

Open to students starting in Term 2:

  • UHN – Wellness Centre – students treat staff
  • Sick Kids Hospital – students treat staff
  • Fife House – students treat residents
  • Covenant House – students treat residents
  • Mount Sinai Hospital – students treat staff

Open to students starting in Term 3:
(All units treating patients/residents)

  • UHN – Bickle Centre (Toronto Rehab)
  • UHN – Musculoskeletal/Geriatric Unit (Toronto Rehab)
  • UHN – Acquired Brain Injury/Stroke Unit (Toronto Rehab)

We also offer the Trimesters Pregnancy Massage Workshop (additional fee) beginning in Term 3 twice per year.  This placement occurs over 2 weekends (Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9-5:30 pm)