Clinical Practicum

Clinical Practicum

Clinical Practicum includes 330 hours of direct and in-direct hands-on experience. These hours are accumulated within the student intern clinic, outreach, and training/ orientation.

After successfully completing the first Term of the program, students begin to gain the valuable hands-on experience provided in Clinical Practicum by treating general members of the public both on and off campus. Throughout their time in the program, students are given the opportunity to gain the benefits of integrating their clinical skills with their practical and academic studies providing care for different groups, organizations, companies and specialized populations within the community under the mentorship and supervision of a Registered Massage Therapist.


To participate in the Student Intern Clinic or Outreach Program, students are required to complete AODA certification, provide proof of vaccinations and/or immunizations, be mask fit and tested, and hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate (minimum level – Standard C/HCP).
Further, students may be required to receive Hepatitis and Influenza vaccinations.

All knowledge & skills learned in class are used and applied within the Clinic Practicum, therefore, one of the evaluation criteria qualifying a student to successfully complete a Clinical Practicum Term Module is the requirement of the successful completion of all in-class courses within the same term.


The Student Intern Clinic operates after classes Monday to Friday. Every student completing their internship is required to participate in Clinic during its hours of operation. Outreaches are scheduled opportunistically as each event is available. They may be scheduled during class and/or after hours at a variety of locations.


The Clinic Coordinator, in conjunction with the student, will determine the day on which the student will be scheduled. Once assigned this weekly shift becomes a commitment made by the student to their clients and to CCMH.

Prior to beginning Clinic in Term 2, students will be given the opportunity to request the evening on which they would prefer to work in Clinic for the duration of the Clinical Practicum. The Clinic Coordinator will attempt to accommodate the requests however, this is not always possible. Students will be assigned and notified of their Clinic Schedule when the schedule is completed


It is expected that students must attend the mandatory Clinic and Outreach Orientation and all fourteen (14) scheduled shifts for the respective term module. During the first week of the Term 2 Clinic Module, students will participate in a mentoring shift shadowing a senior student.
Each Clinic shift is approximately five to five and a half (5 to 5.5) hours in duration. Clinic does not run during the last two weeks of any given term, due to final oral practical and written examinations. Each student is scheduled to work in the Clinic one evening per week.

Prior to graduation, all students must complete at a minimum 330 in the Outreach Program. Of the assigned outreach hours, sixty (64) hours must be allocated to the hospital/hospice category. The remaining hours can be distributed amongst the categories as per availability and/or student preferences.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all Outreach requirements are met prior to graduation.


Any student who volunteers for additional shifts to gain extra practical experience as part of their educational training will have these hours counted towards a Certificate of Recognition.

Any student who achieves an additional eight (8) shifts equaling forty (40) hours by way of volunteering will qualify for this Certificate of Recognition.

All graduates will receive a Hospital/Hospice Specialization Certificate for the fulfillment of the mandated sixty-four (64) hour requirement. Students who choose to accumulate forty (40) hours in any one (1) particular area of the other Outreach categories (Sport, Corporate, and Community), CCMH will award a Specialization Certificate for that focal area upon graduation.


Clinical Practicum Hours

330 Hours Total Breakdown:

AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act) Training: 3 hours

Clinic and Outreach Orientation: 7 hours
Topics to be discussed include: Clinical Practicum Policies and Procedures, relevant paperwork and outreach expectations

Intern Clinic: 210 hours

  • 14 shifts consisting of 5 hours each working on patients of the student intern clinic
  • Each shift will consist of 2 treatment blocks. Each treatment being 1hr and 30 min in duration composed of 30 minutes assigned to assessment and 60 minutes for treatment (to include any home care given). There is a 45 minute break between each block.
  • 70 hours per term starting in Term 2.

Outreach/In-Reach/Placement: 110 hours

  • Term 2, 3 & 4 will treat different population groups in a variety of settings on/off campus, including but not limited to Sport, Corporate/Community, and Hospital/Hospice environments
  • Placements occur at each site 6 rotations per year (2 rotations per term). Each placement rotation consists of on 4 hour shift per week for 8 weeks.

Open to students starting in term 2:

  • UHN – Wellness Centre – students treat staff
  • Sick Kids Hospital – students treat staff
  • Fife House – students treat residents
  • Covenant House – students treat residents
  • Mount Sinai Hospital – students treat staff

Open to students starting in term 3: All units treating patients/residents

  • UHN – Bickle Centre (Toronto Rehab)
  • UHN – Musculoskeletal/Geriatric Unit (Toronto Rehab)
  • UHN – Acquired Brain Injury/Stroke Unit (Toronto Rehab)

We also offer the Trimesters Pregnancy Massage Workshop (additional fee) beginning in Term 3 twice per year. This placement occurs over 2 weekends (Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9-5:30 pm)