Our Team

Our Team

Most Highly Credentialed and Experienced Instructors in the Profession Today

Delivering great massage therapy classes requires great instructors. At CCMH our exceptional teaching staff is a key reason why our graduates are consistently successful candidates writing the Provincial Registration Examinations.

Many of our instructors hold advanced degrees in Health Sciences and are Registered Massage Therapists with several years of clinical and teaching experience.  In addition, all of our instructors have completed an instructor development program and are motivated to ensure that his or her students receive the best education possible.

Finally, it’s also about attitude and at CCMH. Our faculty are committed, caring and compassionate lifelong learners eager to share their knowledge and skills with our students.


Christine Gagnon, RMT
[email protected]
Christine completed her massage therapy studies at Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2008. Her treatment approach is focused on identifying the source of her client’s discomfort and helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To better serve her clients, she regularly attends massage therapy events and continues to expand her education. Christine is also a volunteer with Canadian Blood Services and serves as a professional adviser at Health Out Loud (a community-based wellness education nonprofit). She is excited to share her knowledge and help guide a new generation of massage therapists at CCMH.

Adam Hewson, BA, RMT
[email protected]
Adam is a Registered Massage Therapist and graduate of the Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy. He is also a student of the Trager Method. Adam uses a combination of Swedish massage, Trager, and advanced manual therapeutic techniques to treat a wide variety of ailments. He has also been extensively researching the intersection of psychology, philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and other Eastern and Western mystical traditions with bodywork for over 20 years.

As a bodyworker, he has experience treating a wide variety of conditions including mental illness, chronic pain, HIV, cancer, and spinal cord injuries. Adam believes that bodywork is a unique and potent way to release deep tension, both physical and emotional, from the body, and believes that the healing process is a deeply personal and profoundly transformative experience. He brings his expertise into each treatment with the goal of restoring vitality to each patient’s body, mind and spirit.

Corey Jonas, BA, RMT
[email protected]
Corey is a Registered Massage Therapist that graduated from CCMH. Corey has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Kinesiology from York University. Corey is a sports fanatic and enjoys playing many recreational sports. He has a passion in anatomy and body mechanics

Corey currently works as a mobile RMT traveling to people’s homes for homecare, rehabilitation and sports injuries. Corey also travels to corporate companies for massage events and works in a hospital treating staff members. He is working as a clinical/outreach supervisor at CCMH.

Sheldon M. Joseph, Ph.D.
[email protected]
Dr. Sheldon earned his Ph.D. in cell physiology at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic.  He is a dynamic health sciences ‘edutainer’, entrepreneurial researcher, and inventor. He loves people and uses his unique, conversational, award-winning communication skills to effectively teach how the human body works.

Dr. Sheldon has been teaching for over 10 years and is currently teaching Systems Anatomy and Pathophysiology 1 and 3, as well as Research Literacy courses at CCMH.

Kimberly Kent, RMT
[email protected]
Kim graduated Cum Laude from CCMH in 2015 and was a recipient of the Trisia Beck Memorial Award. She knew she wanted to become an RMT but before attending CCMH, Kim worked in the hairstyling industry as well as retail management.
Since graduation Kim has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist in two multidisciplinary clinics within the GTA.  She recently was a recipient of the Gold Readers’ Choice Award in Halton Hills for Favorite Massage Therapist.  Kim is focused on treatment using a whole-body approach, and she feels that working closely with physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health care professionals has kept her constantly learning new ways to do that.

She is passionate about educating her patients about their anatomy and treatments, as well as the importance of understanding how they can work towards achieving their goals through home care.  That passion for education has brought her back to CCMH as an instructor, where she is thrilled to be able to share her knowledge and hands on experience with students.  She is dedicated to being a part of a skilled team of educators that will help to shape the RMTs’ of the future.

Rashad La Touche, BA Kin, RMT
[email protected]
From a young age, Rashad had a passion for athletics. This passion led him to Wilfrid Laurier University, where he played football and earned a degree in Kinesiology. While playing sports, Rashad experienced a variety of injuries and during the rehab process, he was introduced to Massage Therapy.

Understanding that Massage Therapy would provide him an opportunity to help athletes and others,  Rashad took his Kinesiology and athletic experiences to CCMH in January 2015, and graduated from the program in April 2016. He now practices at a multi-disciplinary clinic in Oshawa, and a gym in Yorkville. There he takes a rehabilitative approach with his clients, using a variety of techniques he’s learned at CCMH and through CEUs. He uses a combination of Swedish Massage, IASTM, Active Release and Stretching with his clients to help achieve there goals, whether it be increase relaxation or increased mobility.  Rashad joined the CCMH teams in August 2017.

Christina Mallinos, DC, B.Sc.
[email protected]
Dr. Christina Mallinos is a Chiropractor and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider. She received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at York University, and went on to graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with Clinic Honours. Christina practices Chiropractic at a family wellness clinic in Midtown Toronto and has a special interest in both nutrition and perinatal care. Christina is passionate about educating both patients and students on a variety of health topics.

Janet Marzan, B.Sc., RMT
[email protected]
Janet entered the massage therapy world as a second career from the corporate world in the computer field.  Over the course of 7 years, she held various positions in Human Resources, Customer Services and Sales and Marketing.  She graduated from Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy School and Teaching Clinic in 1997. She also has an undergrad degree in Psychology and Biology from the University of Toronto.

Janet has been in practice for 20 years and she began her teaching career at the CCMH in 2007.  She is professional, reliable and resourceful.  She has taught courses on the following subjects:  Business & Ethics, Manual Skills & Treatment, Consolidated Assessment and OSCE Prep.  For 5 years, she held the role of a Student Clinic Supervisor.  Janet truly enjoys watching her students become more confident each term, as they excel in their hands-on work.  She fully appreciates the intensity of this program and tries to motivate and inspire her students to work hard to become the best RMT they can be.

Yvonne Marello, RMT
[email protected]
Yvonne graduated from CCMH in 2015. Before studying massage therapy she came from a background in dance; both performing and teaching. In 2007 she graduated from the Performance Dance Studies program at George Brown College.

Now as a therapist she integrates her movement background with her anatomy training to provide therapeutic relief. One of her areas of focus is myofascial release, which manipulates the fascia to encourage increased movement and release throughout the body. Yvonne also has accreditations with Trimesters for prenatal massage and is back at CCMH as a clinic supervisor and teaching assistant.

Krystal Mayer-Raymond, B.A., RMT
[email protected]
Krystal graduated from CCMH Toronto campus with honors in 2006 after completing a Bachelors degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2004.  Since then, she has been treating motor vehicle accident patients, athletes, pregnant women, infants and more recently palliative patients.

Krystal began teaching at CCMH in 2010 and has a keen interest in sharing her knowledge with students in fun and innovative ways.  She most enjoys the ‘light-bulb moment’ that students experience, especially with difficult topics like joint play.  Since 2011 Krystal has had the privilege of leading out in Manual Skills classes and creating curriculum for first and second term classes as well as supervising students during outreaches.

Caitlin McAulay, BA, RMT
[email protected]
Caitlin is a 2008 graduate of CCMH.  her background in athletics (dancing, paddling and weightlifting) lead her to pursue a career in massage therapy.  Caitlin works in a massage therapy clinic in Toronto utilizing her certifications in pregnancy, infant, deep tissue, and sports massage. Returning to CCMH in 2016, Caitlin is committed to the education of students throughout their development. Coaching and teaching has always been a part of Caitlin’s life and career.  She enjoys imparting knowledge and experience and is invested in the CCMH students and their achievements.

Asha Mokrosz, RMT, CDT, B.A (Hons)
[email protected]
Asha has been practicing as an RMT since graduating from Sutherland-Chan School in 2002. She has advanced training in Fascial Remodeling and is also fully certified in the Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy. She integrates these techniques with different types of muscular work to design treatments for her clients that are individual and specific. She enjoys the variety of treating clients with all types of conditions, and dedicates part of her practice to helping women with various breast health issues.

Asha currently provides student instruction at Covenant House and is also a student clinic supervisor. She loves working with students and is honored to be part of the CCMH faculty.

Takayoshi Munemoto, B.Sc., RMT, CLT
[email protected]
Taka studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feldenkrais methods, and his integrated approach is very unique and well considered; how our body moves without causing pains or obstructions.

In his treatment as a manual therapist, he believes the evidence based yet holisitic and organic approaches, integrate very well in natural medicine. Taka believes that his accumulative knowledge and skills can benefit and motivate students learning at CCMH. He is currently working towards his designation as a manual skills practitioner in Osteopathy. Taka has been an instructor and a clinic supervisor at CCMH since 2011.

Maria Naccarato, B.Sc., RMT
[email protected]
Maria is a Registered Massage Therapist that graduated from Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Before entering into massage therapy school, Maria completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology at Queens University. Throughout her studies, Maria always had a keen interest in anatomy and the human body. After completing her degree, Maria was introduced to the world of manual therapy.

Maria currently teaches Gross Anatomy & Palpation and Neuroanatomy & Pathophysiology 1 and 2. Maria’s interest and knowledge in human anatomy is what comes through to her patients during treatments. She has a full time practice out of her home treating many musculoskeletal injuries. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her knowledge with the students of CCMH.

Natasha Patriarca, RMT
[email protected]
Natasha graduated from CCMH in June of 2011 and began practicing that September. She has continued her practice at a multiple-disciplinary clinic in Streetsville, Mississauga focusing on assisting her clients in rehabilitation and treatment of soft tissue injuries using safe and effective techniques and modalities. Natasha obtained her Trimesters Certificate in September 2010 and is experienced in pregnancy treatments.

Filippo Perzia, RMT
[email protected]
Filippo graduated from CCMH with honours in 2005. His passion for massage therapy started at a young age and continues to grow with each passing year. Filippo works at a multi-disciplinary clinic where he treats a variety of conditions from plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, pre and post event sport treatments, low back tightness all using a proactive approach with his clients.
Filippo came back home to teach at CCMH in April of 2015 and this new challenge has confirmed and solidified his dedication and desire for the profession. Filippo continues to encourage and push his students to strive to be better in their skills as he is a teaching assistant in a variety of practical classes. His firm but fair approach is consistent both in class and as a Clinical Supervisor for student clinic.
Filippo can’t see himself in any other profession and he knows his life path will always lead to something in the Massage Therapy Profession.

Shannon Reid, RMT
[email protected]

Shannon is a graduate of CCMH Toronto 2012 and joins the team with experience in infant massage and reflexology.
Shannon holds diplomas from both CCMH and Walmer College in Dublin, Ireland. Shannon is truly passionate about educating the next generation of registered massage therapists and currently teaches third and fourth term massage treatments. She is always excited to learn along side her students and looks forward to many years with the CCMH team.

Mary Tam H.B Kin, RMT
[email protected]
Mary has a strong interest in sports, strength and conditioning, and pregnancy.  Her patients include many acclaimed athletes in the CFL, NHL and CSL and she has also worked with, trained and treated athletes participating at all levels of competition from provincial through to the international stage.  Treating patients of all ages, she also regularly attends births and volunteers at many sporting events.

Mary is currently studying at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (started in 2016), practicing full time in Richmond Hill and teaching part time at CCMH.  In 2015, Mary became a Certified Structural Integrator after attending the Kinesis Myofascial Integration School in Walpole, Maine (USA). Prior, she graduated from Sutherland Chan Massage School and Teaching clinic in 2011 after finishing her Kinesiology Degree at McMaster University (H.B.Kin). Soon after registering as a Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada, she became a certified doula/labour support provider (LSP) and completed her Medical Acupuncture certification.  In the coming years, Mary is looking forward to studying craniosacral, visceral mobilization and infant massage.

Candice Verpaelst,RMT
[email protected]
Candice was a competitive runner and swimmer throughout high school, which led to training with triathletes, (The Canadian Cross Training Club). Her dream was to become a professional athlete, but unfortunately she sustained an injury from the intense training. This drove her to become interested in learning about health and rehabilitation as a career.

Candice is a graduate from the massage therapy program at Centennial College Toronto, in 2005. She was practicing as a massage therapist in North York at a rehabilitation clinic with a physiotherapist and chiropractor for 4 years, with the primary focus being motor vehicle accident patients. Candice always had a passion to add to her knowledge and studies. She began a BA in health management at York University. Half way through her studies, she began teaching at a massage therapy college in North York, and realized that teaching others is her passion. She has been teaching in the classroom and student clinic ever since, finally coming to CCMH. She has a small in home practice now, with her focus being on teaching. Her other current passions include yoga, working out and nutrition.

Jane Wellwood, RMT
Senior Clinical Placement Instructor
[email protected]

Jane is a graduate of CCMH and has been practicing Massage Therapy in Ontario since 1992. Since 1994 Jane has been a Clinical Instructor at CCMH providing clinical training in many practical courses and is currently teaching in the hydrotherapy program.

Jane is also the Senior Clinical Placement Instructor of four different weekly student hospital placements.  Three of the placements are at Toronto Rehab hospitals which include providing massage therapy to patients at the University Centre for Stroke, Acquired brain Injuries and Geriatric, Musculoskeletal rehab and W.W. Bickle Centre for Complex and Continuing Care. The forth placement is providing massage therapy to clinicians at SickKids Hospital.

Jane is very committed and passionate to her teaching role in CCMH clinical programs and sharing her many years of experience with the future generation of massage therapists graduating from CCMH.

Mark Wilcken, RMT
[email protected]

Mark graduated from CCMH in 1989 and has since gained experience in many clinical and spa settings and instructional roles. Teaching Hydrotherapy at CCMH since 1993 has been his most invigorating role. Since first enrolling at CCMH in 1987 the staff, classes and unsurpassed hydrotherapy program appealed to Mark and they still do as he continues his career at the school. He believes a strategic treatment plan that incorporates massage technique, hydrotherapy and remedial exercise, brings maximum patient recovery and performance.

Eric Wu, RMT
[email protected]
Eric is a student clinic supervisor, who graduated from CCMH in 2005. Over the past 13 years, he has developed a skill set including shiatsu, deep tissue and sports massage. Eric has been in the field of massage education for over 5 years, first with Trillium College and now with CCMH. He brings a varied experience ranging from working in multidisciplinary clinics, operating his own chair massage business and even working with the CMTO.

His love for the massage industry is matched by his love and appreciation for all the hard work he sees in the students he teaches. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and techniques with a new generation of massage therapy students and helping to grow the career he so dearly loves.

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