CCMH Instructor’s Fondest Memories at the Student Intern Clinic

CCMH Instructor’s Fondest Memories at the Student Intern Clinic

CCMH Instructor’s Fondest Memories at the Student Intern Clinic

At CCMH we’re proud to have a passionate group of teachers whose love of Massage Therapy is only matched by their love of teaching. In this series of blogs, we are sitting down with some of our instructors about why they enjoy teaching at CCMH. Yvonne Marrello has been practicing Massage Therapy since September 2015 and will have been at CCMH for three years this May.

We spoke with Yvonne earlier in her RMT career, and we’re happy that she has spent three years at our CCMH Toronto Student Intern Clinic as a Clinic Supervisor and has spent two years as a Teaching Assistant in manual skills and assessment classes.

Hi Yvonne, thank you for taking the time out of your busy class schedule to speak with us.

Thank you, this term I am actually working as a Clinic Supervisor as well as at my private practice. It’s definitely busy but I have made a nice balance between both.

We know that you were a student at CCMH, since we interviewed you before!

Yes, I am graduate of CCMH! I love being in school. If I could be a full-time student I would be. When I was asked to come back to teach it seemed like a natural progression.

So you must have some great memories of being a student, then?

I would have to say my fondest memory of CCMH is the Student Clinic. For me it was an opportunity to really put all the concepts together and have a sense of what being a Massage Therapist would be like.

That’s wonderful! So then what is it you love about teaching?

What really draws me to teaching is when students finally grasp an idea they have been working on. Perhaps they have been struggling for several weeks and they suddenly get the most amazing look of wonder on their face. It’s really quite special. Students are also curious, and that curiosity is contagious. It’s why I keep teaching. My students help me keep perspective by asking lots of questions.

That must be a great feeling, and we’re glad you can stay inspired. Finally, what study advice would you give to new students?

Never stop studying! Even when you are an RMT, never forget your anatomy. It will help set you apart from the other therapists.

Thanks for speaking with us today, Yvonne!

Interested in pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist? A new semester starts in May and it’s easier than you think! Learn about our other students who found their path at CCMH by checking out our blog.

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