Trivia Tuesday: November 2018

Trivia Tuesday: November 2018


It’s the end of the month again so get ready to be tested on your trivia knowledge! Every week, we post a question on our Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to participate in the comments!

We take facts and questions from our Massage Therapy learning curriculum to quiz our prospective students, current students, alumni, instructors/staff, and now… you! Take this month’s quiz to catch up on missed trivia!

You’re in for a quick history lesson! Lawrence Jones developed this treatment in 1955 and it was previously known as the “positional release technique”. It is the…

A: Strain Counterstrain Technique!

Here are a few of the many causes to avoid!

A: Calcium deficiency, limited exposure to sunlight or inadequate vitamin D intake, excessive use of certain medications like cortisone, prednisone, anticonvulsants, etc.

How’s your trivia score so far? Not high enough? No worries! Here’s a simple question for you. I am…

A: A joint!

And last but not least, during a severe contusion…

A: A person cannot continue the activity they are doing due to significant pain and muscle weakness, where in a mild contusion there is no loss of strength or minimal loss of range!

Make sure to check in as we continue to post Trivia Tuesdays on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Do you have any trivia suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Contact us at [email protected].

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