Interested in Corporate Massage? Start at CCMH!

Interested in Corporate Massage? Start at CCMH!

Interested in Corporate Massage? Start at CCMH!

Each day, millions of Canadians go to work and sit in the same position at the same desk in the same office for hours at a time. That sedentary lifestyle places a severe strain on the body, causing pain in the neck, the shoulders, and the lower back.

That’s why Corporate Massage is far more than a frivolous workplace expense. Massage Therapy can break people out of that routine, soothing pain, reducing stress, and making the daily grind more bearable.  

So what are the benefits of Corporate Massage? At the most basic level, Corporate Massage treats a slew of common physical complaints. Something as short as a fifteen-minute chair massage can ease lower back pain and make people more comfortable at their desks. Longer sessions – whether you’re bringing someone in once a month or hiring an on-site Registered Massage Therapist – can obviously yield greater results. In either case, Corporate Massage raises productivity once employees are able to focus on their work instead of their discomfort.

The mental health benefits are even more pronounced. Work is a major source of stress. Rough working conditions can lead to depression, anxiety, and burnout, all of which can be alleviated with Massage Therapy. Corporate Massage reduces the mental burden on your employees, mitigating the impact of stress-related symptoms like headaches and muscle tension while simultaneously increasing their mental clarity and the overall quality of their work.

Corporate Massage is also a fantastic workplace perk that boosts morale around the office. It shows that you care about the well being of your employees, and that their efforts are both appreciated and reciprocated. That makes it easier for them to invest and fosters a stronger, healthier work environment.

Unlike other fields of Massage Therapy, Corporate Massage does not necessarily require specialized knowledge or training. It’s as much about where you work (and your clientele) as it is about any one particular technique. Many Registered Massage Therapists move into Corporate Massage as professional networks expand over the course of a career.

If you are interested in pursuing Corporate Massage, CCMH is a great place to get started. CCMH will give you the massage training you need to thrive in any business setting, from downtown Toronto high rises to the industrial parks found all over Canada.


Interested in pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist? It’s easier than you think! A new semester starts in September, so contact us at [email protected] to enroll in one of our Massage Therapy courses today.

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