Third Time’s the Charm: On Finding Her Dream Career

Third Time’s the Charm: On Finding Her Dream Career

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Jamie Doig graduated from CCMH Toronto and is now practicing as a Massage Therapist. An inspiration to us all, Jamie decided to attend CCMH in order to find fulfillment in a career that combines her passion for sports and her love for helping others.

Jamie spoke with us about her dedication towards being an RMT, why she chose to change career paths along the way, and her advice to current and future CCMH students.

So, Jamie which CCMH campus did you go to and what was the commute like?

I graduated from the Toronto CCMH Campus, located right at Davisville and Mt. Pleasant. My commute was relatively easy, about 30 minutes by TTC. In my early semesters at CCMH, I would actually bike to campus. There’s a beautiful trail right near the school, so I loved being able to take advantage of the nice weather and the school’s location.

That sounds perfect! What originally led you to attend CCMH?

I searched for “Massage Therapy Toronto” online one day, and the first site that appeared was CCMH. Unlike other colleges that have multiple courses, I was impressed with CCMH’s concentration in Massage Therapy.

I decided to make an appointment to take a tour of the campus, and within five minutes, Susy called me and we scheduled a time for the next day. Susy gave me an extremely informative tour and it all felt right — it was then that I fell in love with both the profession and the school. Hydrotherapy is not offered as part of most Massage Therapy programs, so the fact that it is offered at CCMH really stood out in my mind, making it an easy decision to choose CCMH!

We have to agree, CCMH’s programs and courses are really unique. Now that you’re working, can you share with us your favourite part about being an RMT?

When I graduated from high school I had two passions: sports and helping people.

At first, I gravitated towards a career in sports, completing a Recreation and Sports Leisure program at Centennial College. I worked in the field for a year but soon realized that although sports would always be a passion of mine, working in that industry did not satisfy my career goals. A year later, I decided to change direction and follow a path shaped by my love for helping people. I moved to North Bay and completed the Social Service Worker program at Canadore College. I loved being able to help those in need, but again, I wasn’t confident that I had found a career that was the right fit for me.  

Massage Therapy was ultimately the best of both worlds, combining my love for sports and my passion for helping others. Throughout my journey at CCMH, I challenged myself to achieve and involve myself in the curriculum as much as I could. I knew that I had finally found my dream career and wanted to make the most of it.

That’s a really inspiring career path, Jamie. We’re so glad you found a great fit in CCMH. How do you connect with your clients?

Massage Therapy has an incredible impact on people, from decreasing stress levels to treating a patient with TMJ issues; the variety of services that an RMT can provide is diverse and expansive in scale. Many people have very little knowledge about Massage Therapy as a profession. As a result, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of the body with the clients that I treat and I strongly believe that educating patients is one of the best ways to connect with them.

That’s so true. We’re sure that helping clients understand their bodies better strengthens your relationships with them. What advice can you offer current and new CCMH students?

My entire life, I never enjoyed going to school, so you can only imagine how difficult attending CCMH was for me. The detail and understanding of the human body required for the courses was very intense. My advice to future CCMH students is to be willing to put life on hold for the process because although it will take you by storm, it is absolutely worth it.

I pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible to get through this course , but everyday I learned more than the day before. The teachers, both knowledgeable and practicing RMT’s, make you feel ready and prepared to work in the field.

To current CCMH students: take it one day at time and learn as much as you can by always asking questions to the RMT’s, teachers, and supervisors!

It’s so great to hear about an RMT who followed her heart to achieve her dream career — it’s not always easy, especially when it means redirecting your career path.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us, Jamie. Best of luck with your new career!

Are you interested in a career as a Massage Therapist? Learn more about other students who found their path at CCMH by checking out our blog and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Want to share your story? Contact us at [email protected]


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