Hitting Hard: How Boxer Carolyn Redmond Benefits From Massage Therapy

Hitting Hard: How Boxer Carolyn Redmond Benefits From Massage Therapy

Hitting Hard: How Boxer Carolyn Redmond Benefits From Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can be utilized by all kinds of people for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it’s someone suffering from injury or illness, or an athlete at the top of their game looking to maintain strength, flexibility, and range of movement – Massage Therapy is a key to a happy and healthy body.

CCMH grad Natiely Lai knows all about the ins and outs of Massage Therapy and athlete care as she herself is an avid boxer. She’s used her education and training at CCMH, combined with her passion in the ring, to treat athletes. Today we learn from one of her patients, Carolyn Redmond, a competitive boxer.

Born in 1991 and hailing from Keswick NB, Carolyn has a robust amateur boxing record with 52 fights over 4 years. She’s finished in second place in an international competition in Sweden, with wins provincial and qualifying for national competition, and title of ‘Best Female Boxer’ at the Bronze Gloved Tournament.

Carolyn came to boxing a little late in the game: “I started boxing at a typically late age; in third year university when I was 21 years old. I didn’t start competing until a couple years later and I had my first fight in 2014.” Since then, she’s been in the ring as often as she can.

Like many athletes, Carolyn benefits from participating in her sport. “I started boxing because I needed an outlet for stress and anxiety. I needed to show myself that being strong was way more attractive than being skinny and the stronger I am, the more I am capable of. I also needed to replace competitive soccer in New Brunswick, which I had quit when I moved to Guelph.”

Like a lot of athletes, Massage Therapy is key part of Carolyn’s routine, “Massage has played a huge part in my recovery. It helps me recover faster and loosens tight muscles that can cause a lot of pain. The muscle activation massage right before my fight has helped my legs and arms feel awake and ready to go!”

RMT Natiely uses her insight into the common injuries and physicality involved in boxing when treating Carolyn, and Carolyn sees the results: “My legs feel strong and grounded when I have a bunch of nerves and adrenaline going on before and inside the ring,” says Carolyn. “ I love Sports Massage Therapy, especially the Active Release Therapy because it has helped me recover from previous shoulder injuries, but also in general helps release muscle tension and soreness from training and fighting. Sports Massage, although might not feel as relaxing as a typical massage, is the most beneficial for me as an athlete.”

Natiely will continue to work with Carolyn to continue to see the benefits as she works towards her goal of winning Nationals next year so she can compete internationally on Team Canada!

CCMH is so proud to see how Natiely has worked hard to become a RMT and been able to combine her passion for boxing into her career.

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