Following Your Curiosity: Benjamin’s Story

Following Your Curiosity: Benjamin’s Story


At CCMH we love not only catching up with our alumni to hear about what they are up to now, but we are also so fascinated by the many different ways and reasons that lead our students to a career as a Massage Therapist. Today, we chat with CCMH grad Benjamin Reid who shares his journey to Massage Therapy, what he enjoys most about connecting with clients, and his advice for prospective or current students.

Hi Benjamin! Thanks for joining us today. Tell me a little about the campus you attended, and how was your commute?

I graduated from the Toronto campus, at Mt. Pleasant and Davisville. I lived with friends for a bit, and biked about 30 minutes to school, which was a nice way to wake up. In term two, I rented an apartment across the street, so the commute became a 2 minute walk, which was perfect.

Oh, that does sound really convenient! Why did you choose CCMH to begin with?

I chose CCMH because it was recommended to me by the WCCMT, where I did my 3-day intro course. I was living in BC, but I grew up in Toronto so I was excited for the opportunity to come back to Toronto to begin my career.

Did you always have an interest in Massage Therapy?

I have always had interests in anatomy and science, and I was being treated for a shoulder injury in my previous job as a cook when my RMT suggested I take the intro course to see if I’d like Massage Therapy. I found that I enjoyed it a lot, and took to it very naturally.

Now that you are a Massage Therapist, what can you say you enjoy the most about the position?

My favourite parts of the profession are the continuous learning and educating my patients about their concerns. It’s very encouraging when a patient feels hopeless about their pain, and I am able to identify the source of their pain and treat it effectively, and explain their concerns so that they better understand their self-care.

Self-care is really important – that’s great that you can educate your clients.  This must help you connect with your patients.

I connect with my patients by being empathetic and curious about their pain, and inquire about their hobbies. They are often happy to give details, and it allows me to gather more information and treat them effectively.

Sounds like you’re great at what you do – your clients are lucky to have you! What’s your advice for prospective or current students?

My advice to current and future students would be to do their best in Term 1 to master memorization strategies, and learn their anatomy upside-down and backwards. It will make their remaining terms easier, as well as improve their confidence and performance. Also, practice for OPs in a noisy environment, so that you can learn to function in one.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your experiences Benjamin! We were so happy to chat with you!

Are you a grad of CCMH/WCCMT working as a Registered Massage Therapist and loving what you do? We want to hear about your experience! Contact us at [email protected]

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