The Importance of Self Care: Alana’s Story

The Importance of Self Care: Alana’s Story

The Importance of Self Care: Alana's Story

At CCMH, we are always happy to hear from our incredible alumni. We had the chance to speak with Alana Hamelin, who graduated from the North York campus of CCMH, when it was still located on Finch Avenue in 2006. Alana shares details about her experience as a student, what she loves about being an RMT, and her advice to current students.

Hi Alana! Thanks for joining us today! Tell us a little about your experience at CCMH’s North York Campus. What was the commute like?

My commute was long, as I lived in the Upper Beaches and had to either take the bus-subway-bus, streetcar, or commute with friends. I made the trek many ways! I left Kingston to attend CCMH, so I would either train home or rent a car on some weekends, when possible.

I loved the commute for several reasons. Primarily, I enjoyed the time I had to drink my Coffee Time coffee and read the Metro (in the mornings) and then hit my studies, either for review or prepping for an OP, quiz, midterm, or finals. Sometimes, you could find me asleep against the window pane on the subway or bus.

What made you want to be a RMT?

I wanted to become an RMT because I had been “massaging” my family and friends since I was a child and loved it. When I was in high school, I looked into doing the program in Sutton, but the timing wasn’t right for me, among some other things. I decided to travel and come back to it, at a later time in my life. I felt more mature and ready when I was twenty-eight!

Why did you choose to attend CCMH?

I chose CCMH because of its history. The anatomy/physiology intro course gave me some good insight into how the school “felt” i.e. good vibe or not. And I liked the instructor!

What’s the best part about being an RMT?

My favourite part of being a RMT is my patients. I love all of their personalities and the challenges they bring me. I also love running a clinic and have finally found someone who brightens my day, every day and who I work so well with!

What’s the best way to connect to potential and current clients?

I connect with my clients through email, online booking (primarily), phone, and text. I also use Facebook!

Do you have any advice for current students?

I would recommend current and new students make sure that they are in the program for the right reasons. You need to love it. Work hard at your studies and make the most of this amazing program that I cannot say enough about!

Although I am currently focusing on my practice and business, I have been an instructor and know that students face a lot of challenges, similar, yet different from my own. I would suggest they do their best to get organized before they enter the program, so that they can allow themselves the time to become immersed in their experience as a student Massage Therapist.

What would you say is important for students to keep in mind while in the program?

They will need to take time for self-care. They can do this by having a healthy and balanced diet (I didn’t really do this at the time. I hate to admit that peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, canned soup, and KD were the bulk of my diet back then).

Although, I am very active and fit these days (more so than back then), I did make time for walking, some running, spending time outdoors and yoga! Yoga was great for my mental and physical health, especially back then.

Thanks for talking with us today Alana, what a great perspective!

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