Finding Your Path To Massage Therapy: Sarah’s Story

Finding Your Path To Massage Therapy: Sarah’s Story

Finding Your Path To Massage Therapy: Sarah's Story

CCMH students are equipped with the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art knowledge, which they obtain through our step-by-step progression of learning experiences. We offer Massage Therapy courses that lead students through over 2200 hours of competency based training. The extensive curriculum ensures that our students have a comprehensive understanding of the human body by the time they graduate.  

We take a lot of pride and joy in hearing from our alumni and how their paths lead them to Massage Therapy and beyond. Today, we spoke with alumni Sarah Fergueson to hear her story.

Sarah attended CCMH when it was once located at the North York Campus. She was   interested in how the location fit into her schedule, especially since classes at that time finished at two o’clock every day. Our Accelerated MT Diploma program, which doesn’t include the break offered during the 20 month Massage Therapy Diploma Program was just perfect for Sarah.

Sarah didn’t originally pursue a career in Massage Therapy. Her journey was a more unique road to Massage.

“I had done my undergrad in Psychology, but had always been very interested in human anatomy and physiology. I was doing as many courses in this area as possible while at university. Becoming a RMT seemed like a logical progression.”

Many of our alumni make the journey to Massage Therapy from other fields, like athletics or business administration. Many field-switching students attend CCMH on a Ontario Second Career grant and find tremendous joy in their new found career as an RMT. “My favourite part about being an RMT is being self employed, and being able to help patients,” says Sarah.

Like many of our alumni, Sarah uses various methods to connect with her patients, “I connect with my patients via phone, by texting them, or by email.” A major part of being an RMT is being connected to others, and knowing she makes an impact on her patient’s’ day-to-day life is a huge plus for Sarah.

Sarah’s advice for new and current students in the program?  Take it in stride!

“When you start working, don’t overdo it. Work a reasonable amount. You will want to take on as many clients as possible, but in this career you can’t maintain 40 hours of hands-on time per week. You will burn out, or injure yourself.”

As Sarah confirmed in our conversation, CCMH offers the tools and resources to ensure you are fully equipped to begin your journey as a Massage Therapist. With a variety of courses and topics, CCMH works to make a national footprint with campuses in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia.

Interested in pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist? It’s easier than you think! Learn about our other students who found their path at CCMH by checking out our blog. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more inspiration!


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