CCMH Student Returns to Re-Certify & Refresh

CCMH Student Returns to Re-Certify & Refresh

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We love catching up with CCMH alumni to learn about their careers and where their Massage Therapy education has taken them in life! We had the pleasure of speaking with an alum (who wishes to remain anonymous) who originally walked our halls in the 1980s. He’s returned to CCMH to refresh his skills and re-focus his career as a RMT.

When he first attended CCMH, between 1981 and 1983, it was a diploma program offered through the Board of Directors of Masseurs. Students became a certified masseuse at the end of their studies. Now, over a quarter of a century later, he is back at CCMH to become a RMT. Things have changed a lot both within the program and beyond. “We were taught Swedish Massage, the European way. Going into that field at the time was interesting,” he explained. “Massage Therapy had a much more negative connotation at that time. The profession now holds so much more credibility and respect.”

Modern medicine changes quickly, and it’s logical that a program like Massage Therapy at CCMH would evolve over time. As we collectively expand our knowledge of the body, the field expands and shifts. Our alum described his learning experience now:

The practical part, the assessment side of things, is much more intense now. It’s a challenge to learn all these things. Remedial studies are way more in depth and more important now, which is great progress for the industry. It’s a good thing that it’s a challenge because RMTs have a better map of the body now. A lot of learning has been done.

After graduating from CCMH the first time, our alum practiced Massage part-time until the mid ‘90s, but changed paths to pursue a career in architectural drawing. “ Two years ago, I got back in touch with CCMH about upgrading my certification. They don’t let everyone upgrade, so I am grateful I went to CCMH all those years ago,” said our alum. We’re happy to have him back in the program, and eager to stay in touch with him and he goes through.

Our alum is ready for the challenge ahead and optimistic that Massage will be his new long-term career. “I see this as something I can do as I age. It’s become more popular and in demand. I’m looking forward to passing my exams and moving forward.”

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