CCMH Student Rani Benedict Wins Cory Mintz Scholarship

CCMH Student Rani Benedict Wins Cory Mintz Scholarship

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For today’s special post, we spoke with Rani Benedict, the 2017 Cory Mintz Scholarship recipient! 

Every year​, CCMH awards the $4,000 scholarship to a student who demonstrates vision, values, knowledge, daring, savvy, persistence, intelligence, commitment, responsibility, optimism, respect, passion, empathy, humour, strength of character, creativity, sensitivity, patience, maturity, common sense, spirit and wisdom. A tall order! Rani exudes all of these characteristics and more.

Rani is a busy mother of two (one of her children even has special needs). She left her home country, and a successful corporate career, to pursue massage therapy and come to Canada. She is currently a second year CCMH student who divides her time between her family, her studies, and volunteer work. Despite her hectic schedule, and long list of responsibilities, Rani still finds the time to study hard, and consistently performs at the top of her class. Her work ethic is inspiring and she’s a pretty special person. (To read more about Rani’s journey to become a RMT, click here.) We spoke with Rani, after she won the scholarship, to learn why she applied, her work in the community, and the impact winning the scholarship has made in her life.

So Rani, please tell us why you decided to apply for the Cory Mintz Scholarship.
When I first came across the scholarship application, I was very impressed with the level of talent and character that was expected from the scholarship recipient. A lesson I’ve learned, time and time again, is that hard work pays off, regardless of the timeline it follows. So, I decided to apply to this scholarship to prove to myself that I was capable of being the person to pave the way and inspire someone in some way — most importantly, myself.

Self esteem is so important! And as a mother of two, I’m sure you’re incredibly aware of the importance of setting a good example. We have heard that you also volunteer your time! How is that possible? You sound so busy already! Please tell us a little bit more about your community and volunteer work.
As the mother of a special needs child, I was given an opportunity to join hands with another couple to start a ‘Trust’ named KiliKili (which means the warbling laughter of a child). We wanted to give our children the opportunity to integrate into society smoothly and engage with other kids their age. As a founding member and trustee of the organisation, my involvement in the project extended to areas like location, design, funding, maintenance and raising awareness.

A few examples of the type of equipment that inclusive play spaces included were; The “Bucket Swing” which helps children with a lack of spinal cord support to sit comfortably while swinging, the “High Raised Slides” which improves balance on slides, and the “Merry-go-round” which allows for a wheelchair to be mounted on it. As our parent group expanded, KiliKili broadened its scope and created an indoor play space named “Buddies” to adhere to the needs of children on an academic and social platform. Our vision to see children develop independence, confidence, and basic skills (like listening, conversing and interacting) is reflected deeply in each parent’s involvement, sense of spirit, patience and their commitment to the cause.

That’s incredible! What a worthy cause and admirable effort!  Tell us, how has winning the scholarship impacted your life?
Winning proved to me that I’m not going to back down from a challenge. I never expected myself to take a 180 degree turn from the life I was so comfortable living, move to a different country, and start a new career — all while being a mother of two. Yet, I’m doing it everyday. The scholarship, although one of my proudest moments, was also a humbling one. The financial relief it has offered has made me realize that CCMH has been a welcoming and nurturing second home to me for the past year. It has taught me that it is okay to need help, because you will gladly be given it when you choose to work hard for it. I am forever grateful to CCMH for giving me this recognition because winning this scholarship has impacted my life in the most positive way possible.

What an amazing achievement and story, Rani! We are inspired by your dedication and drive. Congratulations on your award and good luck with your education, career, and the Trust you founded!


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