Busy Corporate Mom from Bangalore, India finds New Passion at CCMH

Busy Corporate Mom from Bangalore, India finds New Passion at CCMH

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We spoke with Rani Benedict, a CCMH Toronto student who recently completed Term 2. Rani worked in a corporate division of a multinational company in Bangalore, India before she travelled to Canada specifically to enroll in our program to become an RMT. She did it in an incredibly admirable way — as a mother of two with a part time job. We talked with her about what led her here, her experiences in the program, and her advice for current and future students.

Rani was a ‘suit’ before coming to CCMH. After spending years devoted to a different field she decided it was time for a change.

After my long stint in corporate finance, I was looking for a change. One thing my corporate life made me realize was my interest in a service-oriented job. I decided on Massage Therapy because it combined my two interest areas – therapeutic practice to improve the human body and a service mind towards society.

From India to Canada to study Massage Therapy at CCMH!

Aftranier deciding to pursue Massage Therapy, Rani went on the hunt for the right school. “Choosing the right college that fits your expectations can be an exhausting process. However, my decision to attend CCMH was as easy as it could have been.” Rani looked at several colleges, attended several Information sessions and went on several college tours, but no college impressed her quite like CCMH. “It’s an easy choice to make to study at CCMH once you learn about the multitude of facilities available for learning and the reputation and prestige that CCMH upholds.” Rani loved the school’s ability to combine rigorous learning processes with a student friendly environment.

Rani’s favourite class in Term 2 has been Manual Skills & Treatment and Systemic Anatomy & Pathophysiology. “A hands-on experience of learning is the most effective method for me and Gross Anatomy and Palpation offered a platform for me to effectively learn through a hands-on experience and sparked the curiosity within me to learn more about the art of massage therapy.” Rani also loves that “students have the opportunity to find their own style and the room to develop their skills to deliver the same methods.” That is something CCMH is quite proud of. We believe that it is so important to develop confidence and individuality in your practice and we give our students room to do so in our program.

Rani is an exceptional student, but her CCMH journey has not been without struggle. “As a mother of two with a part-time job, the hardest part of deciding to come back to school was adjusting to a new work life balance.” Managing her home life, work life and school life has been a serious challenge, but she is doing great at CCMH, and is even earning top marks in the program.

With no science background, I still manage to do well in the program and am enjoying every bit of it. As long as you have the interest and the drive to succeed, CCMH provides you with the right tools to achieve those goals. I scored a 91% in Term One and I am currently at 90% in Term Two.

Rani’s intense schedule and dedication make her a truly impressive CCMH student. We asked her for her best advice for struggling students:

Do not procrastinate. Consistency is key and it can take any student a long way if you stay on top of your workload and study with a passion. With a little time spent on a daily basis, you can achieve a lot.

Rani is excited to graduate from CCMH and begin her new career as a RMT. She feels that both she personally, and the industry in general, have a bright future ahead. “New and innovative practices like Massage Therapy are being recognized increasingly in the medical industry’s mainstream practices. As awareness spreads about the benefits of these therapies, I only expect our skills to be in more demand in the future.” She also hopes that this new appreciation for Massage Therapy will lead to exploration of “the science and art of massage therapy.” We hope she’s right!

We love hearing stories like Rani’s. We are constantly amazed and inspired by the dedication and drive of our students, especially those pursuing a second career. Thank you for speaking with us Rani, and good luck in Term 3!

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