Clinic Program Teaches Real-World Massage Therapy Skills

Clinic Program Teaches Real-World Massage Therapy Skills

Students at CCMH’s Toronto campus know Filippo Perzia as their Clinic Supervisor. Filippo always wanted to be a Massage Therapist, and we’re lucky to have such a dedicated RMT at CCMH teaching the next generation of Massage Therapists.

As someone with years of professional experience behind him, as well as an enthusiasm for Massage Therapy, Filippo loves passing on the positive impact that Massage can have to his students in the clinic program. Clinic offers students the chance to gain real-world knowledge, beyond the technical skills taught in the program.

“The clinic program is set up as close to a real life clinic as possible,” says Filippo.

Filippo was hired as a Clinic Supervisor in April 2015. He teaches students different massage techniques, as well as real-world skills about working in a clinic setting, such as handling feedback from clients and keeping assessments timely.

Filippo graduated from CCMH in 2005. He began his career studying Kinesiology at York University. After the university went on strike, however, he decided to pursue his passion.

“From a young age, this was always something I wanted to do,” says Filippo. “Deciding to study Massage Therapy was the best decision of my life.”

He started working in a clinic and has continued to practice ever since. He currently works at a multidisciplinary clinic where he treats a variety of conditions from plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, pre- and post-event sport treatments and lower back tightness.

About five years ago, one of his clients told him about how much they enjoyed teaching at a college. This piqued Filippo’s interest. Within a week of applying, he was hired for his first college teaching position.

His move to CCMH came later. After about a year and a half, he started looking for a position at a more established Massage Therapy school. Naturally, this led him back to CCMH.

Filippo Perzia CCMH

His teaching philosophy is simple: spread the word about the benefits of Massage Therapy to the next generation of Massage professionals and their clients. He believes it’s important for RMTs to communicate what they’re capable of doing to their clients and educate the public about how Massage Therapy can help them, while building a rapport.

CCMH’s clinic is very popular. We welcome patients who require a relaxation massage or who have a specific issue that needs addressing. Filippo recommends that students follow the policy of the clinic, which will help them when they become RMTs.

Have you participated in the clinic program at CCMH and WCCMT? We’d love to hear about your experience and how it helped prepare you for a career in Massage Therapy! Share your story by contacting Susy at [email protected].

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