CCMH Grad Found a Rewarding Career in Massage Therapy

CCMH Grad Found a Rewarding Career in Massage Therapy

Screenshot 2016-05-03 14.31.59Sometimes, something happens in our lives that most would consider a setback, but instead it creates an incredible opportunity. This very thing happened to Gleb Savchenko, a 2015 alumnus of CCMH Toronto. While playing soccer, he suffered a knee injury that could’ve created a very dire situation for an athlete that likes to stay active. Rather than be discouraged, Gleb saw this hurdle as a stepping stone into his career as an RMT. During the recovery process, he found a love for Massage Therapy and helping others reach their peak performance. We were lucky enough to sit down with Gleb and learn more about his journey into Massage Therapy.

What were you doing in your career before coming to CCMH?

Before beginning my journey as an RMT, I was working for a consulting firm in the field of executive compensation. As part of my responsibilities I had to interview the executives of large and medium-sized corporations, build excel models to forecast the stock prices and present my findings through slide decks and in-person meetings. This position was quite sedentary in nature and didn’t really fit my personality.

Was healthcare something you were interested in because of your love of soccer?

An injury and my love for all things sports was what drove me to the healthcare field. I suffered a complete rupture to my left ACL and a tear to the medial meniscus of the same knee. My physio and RMT both helped me much in my recovery, not only through direct treatment work, but also by encouraging me to stay positive and providing various lifestyle and exercise modifications to ensure my recovery remained on track. In addition, I began to lose interest in pursuing a career in the finance field and it was suggested by my family and friends that perhaps I should change careers. Having always been athletic and a fitness fanatic, the transition to health-care seemed like a natural progression. My RMT was kind enough to take me under her wing as a mentee and I am forever grateful for all of the knowledge she has provided and continues to share.

I love what you wrote on your LinkedIn bio, could you tell me more about your injury and journey into Massage Therapy? 

I suffered a pretty severe knee injury while playing soccer and it required complete reconstructive surgery. It was the work of my RMT during the recovery process that stirred my interest in the field of massage therapy. I gained an understanding of the fortitude and commitment required from both the client and therapist to achieve their desired goal. It also taught me how to adjust the recovery protocol to fit the unique needs of an injured client and help them safely return to their favorite activities.

Can you tell me about what you’ve done since graduation? What have been big learning moments others can learn from?

Since graduating, I’ve been working for a multidisciplinary clinic and a yoga studio. I really enjoy the variety in my work, I get to learn a lot from other professionals and it provides much motivation to live a lifestyle focused on fitness and wellness.

What did you like about CCMH? What made the program difficult? Any advice for new students?

I really liked the one-on-one time that was available with instructors. Whether through clinic hours, breaks, lunches, or after class, the instructors always made themselves available and were very passionate about their work. My advice to students is to figure out your learning style and to take care of your own body.

Are you proud to be a RMT?

I am proud to be an RMT, I get to help people feel and move better and that is very rewarding!

Thank you for sharing such a motivating story of overcoming challenges to find your passion! CCMH applauds Gleb’s positivity, professionalism and true dedication to helping others through Massage Therapy. We are proud to call him one of our alumni as a true example of what CCMH strives to achieve for our students, and we thank him for sharing his story.

What was the stepping stone that started your journey into Massage Therapy? Would you like to share your story? If so, contact [email protected]. Want to read more inspiring stories about RMT’s and the students at CCMH? Then follow our blog and stay in touch with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!


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