“Massage Therapy… a Career Path that can help make a positive difference for people living in Uganda.”

“Massage Therapy… a Career Path that can help make a positive difference for people living in Uganda.”

As a Massage Therapist, there are many wonderful opportunities to help clients in their healing and in achieving better health. Massage Therapists consult with their clients to determine an appropriate treatment plan and use therapeutic techniques to promote and sustain their clients’ health.

At CCMH, we have many students who come to our program from around the world. Our students are passionate about helping others and work very hard throughout their programs to learn and master the skills they need to become exceptional Registered Massage Therapists who can provide an excellent service.

CCMH - Dorah

Dorah is a passionate and hardworking student. Originally from Uganda, she has overcome many obstacles in order to achieve her dreams, and her tenacity, passion, and spirit are truly inspiring.

Prior to coming to CCMH, Dorah worked in a few fields, and always with different types of people. While she learned a lot in each experience, the people around her often told her that she had missed her calling – which was that she should work as a Massage Therapist.

“I first learned about CCMH on the TTC (Toronto Transit System) but I did not apply or even consider Massage Therapy at that time,” Dorah described. “It was after I started experiencing a health challenge with my leg that meant that I was unable to do my job that I started asking myself ‘What am I going to do now?’ then I took another look at Massage Therapy. I started researching it online.”

CCMH - Dorah

After looking at CCMH Toronto’s website, she met with Director of Admissions Susy Goldstein. “The whole school was professional, informative, and friendly. I had such a good feeling. After the weekend course with my instructor Paul, CCMH felt like family already.”

When we asked Dorah about what makes CCMH great, Dorah explained that “at CCMH, I was asked the question ‘How can we get you to where you want to go?’ CCMH supported me and helped me figure it out even as I was challenged with different road blocks along the way. I love being at CCMH and my classmates have made my experience a great one. If I don’t get something the first time it is taught, my classmates are my teammates, and they are willing and happy to help.”

“In addition,” Dorah continued, “my instructors and teacher assistants are very supportive. They go the extra mile to explain anything that I need clarification on. They make me feel that there is no such thing as a stupid question. As long as I am willing to learn, my instructors and teacher assistants are willing to explain both theory and practical aspects of massage therapy and they won’t give up until I understand. CCMH provides ongoing quizzes, tests, and exams that drive home what is taught in class. This also makes students better prepared for the final exams and eventually for the board exams.”

The richness of Dorah’s experience prior to coming to CCMH has helped her in more ways than one. “In addition to giving me organizational and time management skills, my past experiences have helped me learn how to open doors and how to think about getting people into safe communities.” Dorah says that Massage Therapy has had a big impact on her, but that it can also have a big impact back home in Uganda. “Massage Therapy can have a big impact for women and for healing. In countries that have been at war like Uganda, there is a lot of room for healing. Women can work as Massage Therapists from home, which means that they can raise their children while also earning a livelihood. Having a career could also mean that women could be able to pay for school fees for their children, pay for healthcare or medication, buy nutritious food so their families can have balanced meals. With a sparkle in her eye, Dorah continues this list: “This could lead to women renting accommodation that is suitable for their family or buy land big enough to build a house and raise farm animals or grow food for home consumption or for profit.”

One of the things we are so proud of at the College of Massage is the quality of education students receive, and Dorah agrees: “The training involved in becoming a Massage Therapist will also empower women in learning more about the body and educating others about the body. Massage Therapy is a way for women to work and to work together, which is very powerful. It is a career path that can help make a positive difference for people living in Uganda.”

When asked what advice Dorah would share with fellow students and future students, she said, “You can do it. Make sure you have a support network and ask for help when you need it. If you are passionate about Massage Therapy, keep dreaming it and go for it!” Some of Dorah’s support network included people at CCMH – Susy, Tahera, Lee, and Manny.

We are always happy to help our students and have many services and supports in place to help our students as they complete the program to become RMTs. In addition to helping students through scholarships and financial aid, CCMH welcomes and supports students who are coming to the school with university and transfer credits and students from around the world. So, no matter where you are coming from or where you plan to go next, we can help you get where you want to go with the skills you need to become a great RMT. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at [email protected].


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