Q+A with RMT Yvonne

Q+A with RMT Yvonne

CCMH is always chatting with our alums, so when we had the chance to chat with Yvonne Marrello, RMT, a Toronto campus alum, we didn’t hold back with our questions.

CCMH TestimonialCan you tell us about your background in performance art and dance?
I started dancing when I was about four – I was doing both gymnastics and dance. I migrated towards dance more than the gym. I trained both classically as well as in jazz and tap. I loved performing as a teenager, not just being on the stage but the excitement and the story that goes on backstage and in the wings as well. The last show I was in was Guys and Dolls and that was a year before I came to CCMH. I am not a high performing dancer anymore, but it will always be a part of my life.

Why did you decide to become a Massage Therapist?
This is a tricky question to answer! There are so many reasons that brought me to this path in life. There wasn’t just one decision that made me realize that this is what I wanted to do. I believe it is a combination of my passion of learning about anatomy and how things all come together and that I really want to help people.

Why CCMH? What did you like most about the school?
Honestly, it was Susy. I came to the information session and she just won me over. She called me back and followed up and made sure this is where I should be. I also need to say that I like the whirlpool the best! There is nothing like a killer week of exams, and then booking into the student clinic for hydrotherapy in the whirlpool and then a massage.

What was your favourite outreach or placement?
I honestly can’t choose. I will say this, though, about outreach and placement: you learn something different about yourself and what kind of therapist you want to become at each of them. That is what makes them all so unique! There is so much to gain from one day at an outreach that you want your brain to just be a sponge and hold so much more then it can. At placements you have time to observe, listen and grow.

Did your background in dance help you during school or now, as you practice? Do you understand patients well because you’re an athlete yourself?
I find my background in dance helped very much in school. It gave me a different perspective. Now as I practice and I’m working with athletes (which I didn’t see myself doing in school but I am enjoying!), we communicate well together.

Do you have any message about Massage Therapy that you think the world needs to know?
I know at this moment I am passionate about myofascial release work. I try to integrate it into most of my treatments. It is definitely a field I am already learning more about and will continue to study. I think everyone should know about fascia. I know it is one of the areas where some therapists are on the fence about it. It can also be slightly painful, and people don’t always want to associate pain with massage. However, if you keep in communication with your client and make sure to correct pressure the benefits are considerable.

 CCMH loves to keep in touch with our alums. Please read other alum success stories, like Shannon and Kendra. If you want to share your story, please contact [email protected]




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