Get Your Dream Job By Being the Best You

Get Your Dream Job By Being the Best You

At CCMH, we believe that all of our students deserve to go on to excellent jobs that are worthy of their time and expertise. We could not be more proud of all that you have accomplished, and are thrilled to hear when an alum has landed a Massage Therapy job of their dreams.

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However, it is not always easy to find work right out of school. We talked to one of our alums, now in the workforce, who wanted to give advice to current students on how to break into the working world.

“You have to differentiate yourself,” she said, right off the batt. “There are lots of people out there looking for work, and they are going to be seeing a lot of resumes. What’s going to make yours stand out?”

Our insider isn’t saying that you should print your resume on bright pink paper, but to include qualifications, interests and skills that set you apart. “Even at CCMH I began to specialize in orthopaedic assessments – I knew that this would set me apart.”

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Your future employers don’t necessarily want a cookie cutter RMT, they want to find the best fit for their team and their clients. Show them the real you, speak out about what you want, and you will eventually find the right fit.

“If you want to find a meaningful job, you’ve got to nail that.”

CCMH supports our alums in finding their next steps. For other career tools, such as our job board, please visit the CCMH website. If you would like to share some advice, please contact [email protected]


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