Passion and Drive: How Shannon Scored her Dream Jobs with Therapeutic Massage

Passion and Drive: How Shannon Scored her Dream Jobs with Therapeutic Massage

Hard work and a full schedule can really pay off – just ask Shannon Weekes.

Shannon Weekes CCMHLike many professionals, Shannon started looking for her specialty while attending school. She studied at Brock University in an intensive four year Kinesiology program. After graduating, she decided to take a job in a chiropractic office where she worked in reception. During her time there, she spoke with the chiropractor about her different career options. She knew she wanted to work with some form of therapy, and working at the clinic gave her the opportunity to figure out which area was most interesting.

The therapeutic-based approach they used at the clinic is what made her decide to apply to CCMH to learn more about Massage Therapy. She enrolled in the rigorous 16 month program16-month-accelerated-mt-diploma program one that has no breaks and is not for the faint of heart.

“By the end of the fourth semester, I felt a little burnt out but knew it was the best course for me. If I had taken the summer off in between, I would have worried about forgetting information,” said Shannon. There was another perk that came with her dedication. “What is also great is that by finishing the course earlier, you are able to start looking for a job sooner.”

Some might call it luck, but it was mainly Shannon’s hard work and tenacity that she was offered a position at two different clinics before she graduated. One of them being the Apple Creek Sports Medicine Clinic that she is still working at 6 years later- with a variety of specialists, including osteopaths, chiropractors and more. She loves working with her team because she can learn from what she sees the other specialists doing. A year ago she started working at the Thornhill Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Clinic as well.

Working in this environment makes finding consultations easy because Shannon knows and trusts the other professionals. “When I am working with a patient and recognize that the patient can also benefit from working with a chiropractor, I don’t need to look far. I refer them to someone from the clinic I work at,” said Shannon about her team.

The clinic undoubtedly keeps Shannon busy, but she also has other projects on her plate. As a student at CCMH, she knew that she wanted to come back and teach in some capacity at her alma mater. She applied for a job as a Clinic Supervisor, and was excited when they offered her the position. Since then went on to be a TA in the classroom, for  both the therapeutic massage techniques class and the therapeutic exercise class. She is now teaching both classes.

While her schedule is packed with responsibilities and countless work hours, Shannon wouldn’t have it any other way. Each day is different and brings her the welcomed challenge of learning new things while also getting to teach.  “Being at school keeps me fresh and up to date on new information and allows me to give back by teaching others,“  she says enthusiastically.

Shannon was a student at CCMH and is now a Clinical Instructor and Teacher’s Assistant for a therapeutic exercise class at the school. She really enjoys teaching, and looks back fondly on the busy road that brought her here.


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