Traveling and Teaching: Joydeep’s Journey of Education

Traveling and Teaching: Joydeep’s Journey of Education


Most educators will tell you that teaching can be a personal and rewarding journey; but sometimes, that journey can take you somewhere in a more literal sense. Just ask Joydeep, a teacher at CCMH, who spent a majority of his career teaching and traveling to different countries across the globe.

Joydeep began his journey of education in India, where he studied and graduated from medical school. He then continued to teach there for three years, until he moved to Malaysia in 1999 to gain further teaching experience. In 2002, his skills brought him to Finland, where he was trained to work with a newly released microscope. It was extremely difficult to find people who knew how to use this piece of equipment, which made him a hot commodity in the job market.

Although Joydeep and his wife enjoyed the adventures of traveling, in 2004 his son turned five and he and his wife wanted to move somewhere their son could attend an English speaking school. Canada was next on the list of destinations.

However, Joydeep wasn’t done with his journey. While his wife and son moved to Canada to settle in, Joydeep travelled to Saba, a small island in the Caribbean near St. Martin. He taught at a medical school on the island, until 2005 when he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to teach at Midwestern University. In 2007, Joydeep happily joined his family in Canada. He accepted a job involving teaching and research at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, where he enjoyed working for four years.

In 2011, he joined CCMH to teach and has been here ever since. He loves the small community and feels so connected to its members. “The Administration is very supportive and well-organized, which in turn makes it easier for teachers to do their job well,” says Joydeep.

He teaches at both the Toronto and Cambridge Campuses. The Toronto Campus is in the heart of the city and the Cambridge campus is out the country, and provides a change of pace from Toronto’s busy city life. Although Joydeep loves to travel, his son is now in Grade 11 and he sees the importance in providing a stable, consistent environment for his family. CCMH is like a family to Joydeep and he feels very much at home here. He enjoys eating lunch with his colleagues and looks forward to going in every day. “The staff and students are wonderful,” says Joydeep, “and the interactions with the students are the rewarding part of the whole experience.”

We are honoured to include Joydeep on our team. Joydeep is continuing his journey at CCMH, where he currently teaches courses in the basic sciences and principles of research methodology. If you’re interested in being featured in a blog, contact [email protected]


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