Massage Therapy:  A Stable and Rewarding Career

Massage Therapy: A Stable and Rewarding Career

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Life can be difficult without a sense stability and organization. When your life is constantly shifting, it can create a sense of unease, stress and can leave you craving a slightly more constant, ordered life. This craving was one that CCMH student, Kelly, was all too familiar with.  Thankfully she has more consistency in her life now that she has begun her studies at CCMH.

Before starting the Registered Massage Therapy program, Kelly worked at Vancouver General Hospital in Vancouver, BC as a Licensed Practical Nurse. After 18 months of working as a casual surgical float nurse, the lack of consistency she was receiving made it very stressful for Kelly. Helping others was always her passion but Kelly found the floating between eight different units and working on a casual basis, to be very stressful and hard to adjust to.

After deciding that a change was needed, she began looking into CCMH. At her parents request, as they were funding her tuition, she stayed in Vancouver and began to attend the West Coast College in New Westminster, BC. However, after 8 months there, Kelly decided WCCMT wasn’t the right match for her, and wanted a fresh start at CCMH Toronto. Kelly asked for a transfer, packed up her things and in April of this year, and moved to Toronto to begin a fresh start at a new college location, in a new city.

Despite moving across the country, Kelly fell in love with Toronto and found that she fit in right away both in her new city and at CCMH. “The student body was so welcoming from the first day and I felt like I belonged, not like I had just moved here!” she exclaims. Kelly’s amazement at the supportive students didn’t stop with her own experience. “There are so many students for whom English is not their first language” she says, “and as classmates, we all support each other and try to help those who are struggling with understanding the material in a way that they understand, whether it’s staying after school for a tutor session with a fellow classmate, or getting together over the weekend, the support is always there.”

Kelly’s positive and welcoming experience at CCMH was not limited to just the warm student body. “The teachers are amazing and will do whatever they can to assist students that require extra help. The staff is happy to answer questions we have, and some instructors will offer tutoring sessions during lunch.” The teaching methods at CCMH really worked well for Kelly and she is continuing to excel at her new school in her new city. “I would never have thought that I would move to Toronto, but I find the people so warm and relaxed, it has started to feel like home,” she says laughing. “It is so easy to get around…the subway makes everything so accessible.”

With two semesters left at CCMH before she graduates, Kelly already has her eyes set towards the future. She would like to have her own clinic and also have the ability to work mobile too. She loves working with children and athletes so has considered Sports Massage to be one area of interest, but loves providing deep tissue massage therapy as well. Kelly looks forward to a future of exciting and meaningful opportunities ahead of her.

CCMH is so proud to offer a welcoming environment for out of town students; with 5 locations, we can do our best job finding the right fit for you! We strive to make sure that all our new students feel welcomed in our halls. If you are a CCMH student and have a story to share please contact [email protected] .



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