The Smallest Touch Can Make the Biggest Difference – Ana’s Story

The Smallest Touch Can Make the Biggest Difference – Ana’s Story

ana k picture Ana learned about the power of touch from very early in life. When she was around seven years old, Ana accompanied her mother to her rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist after an accident in which her mom lost two of her fingers. “The physiotherapist guided me to help my mom, and I massaged her arm for her. I didn’t understand what I was doing, but I could see that I was able to help my mom.”

As she grew up, Ana’s family instilled the value in her that her hands should never be idle. Ana took this to heart and kept her hands moving, learning how to play the piano and guitar, how to cook, and how to knit and crochet. Even though Ana remembered her positive experience with manual treatment with her mom, it was not until she was twenty years old, that she found out Massage Therapy was a career and that there were colleges that provided training for it. It was after getting a stiff back from having slept in an uncomfortable chair that she got a massage from a friend’s friend who was a Massage Therapist. “After that massage, I not only felt better, but better than I had in years! It was not long after that, that I enrolled in the Massage Therapy program.”

After graduation from CCMH, Ana started her own Massage Therapy practice. “During my program, I took time off to care for my father. I knew I didn’t want to work in a hospital because I had spent so much time there with my dad. I also knew I was not as interested in working with a chiropractor at the time. Those, and starting my own business, were my obvious options at the time, so I decided to start my own practice. I registered with the CMTO and started getting my practice all set up. I got my licence in the mail a week later and a week after that, I got my first client.” She worked hard and continued taking educational courses, including the Trimesters Program at CCMH, and a pediatric certification course in California with the Liddle Kidz Foundation. She eventually merged her practice with a Chiropractic clinic nearby.

Ana has recently returned to CCMH to work as a Clinic Supervisor and a Teaching Assistant, and feels a heightened sense of all that Massage Therapy can be. “Now I am helping others learn,” so that they can truly experience giving through the power of touch. “In some ways it feels like I never left,” Ana explains. “Some of the instructors who taught me as a student are still here, and the feeling is so warm and welcoming.”


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