CCMH Toronto Students Talk about Starting Their Own Clinics

CCMH Toronto Students Talk about Starting Their Own Clinics

DSCF0793In the CCMH Toronto Lunchroom, we enjoy many great conversations. Recently, students were discussing all things food, sharing their thoughts on what is delicious when deep-fried. The conversation eventually turned to life beyond exams and even school, to when students would be working as massage therapists. What did our students say when asked if they would like to start their own clinic once they are RMTs? Our students had many different opinions and here are some of the comments they made in their conversation:

Some students are excited about opening their own clinics saying, “I love the idea of having my own employees, being my own boss, and making my own hours.” One of our business-minded students said, “Hiring RMTs as an RMT is extremely appealing. I could do the business side and really understand what makes a Massage Therapist good. I could really help people in the way I want to.” Another business-minded student added, “Working from home is appealing, because there is little overhead, you can keep the money you make for yourself and you don’t have to commute. There are also tax deductions, and you don’t need to manage employees if it’s just you working from home.” One student shared her friend’s vision of starting a multi-disciplinary practice that offers yoga, chiro, and massage therapy outdoors, similar to a retreat. We think this idea is awesome!

Several of our students emphasized that learning a lot first is very important; they wanted to learn more before making a decision about opening a clinic. Many of them are interested in working at multi-disciplinary clinics. One student added, “If I was going to [open a clinic], I’d want to take a business course first, or at least learn from getting experience elsewhere.” There is no question that there are many factors you have to consider. “A massage table can cost a lot of money. You want to be well prepared and have a good clinic.” said one student. Another student added, “It’s tough to do. You have to gain credibility and a client base.” Once they get their feet wet, some of our students believe they would be open to the idea. As one student put it, “If I was going to do it, I’d do it with my peers…maybe in a few years.”

While they are deciding, students are happy to focus on their learning and education. Once they are looking for employment, they know they can turn to CCMH and its alumni for help finding positions and for advice on the path to opening their own clinic. What questions would you need answered to help you decide whether you would open your own clinic? We’d love to hear from you!





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