From Personal Trainer to RMT: Meet Paul Dziegielewski

From Personal Trainer to RMT: Meet Paul Dziegielewski

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Wellness and fitness were always of interest to Paul, and were always part of his career objectives. Before coming to CCMH, Paul’s passion for hip-hop dancing led him to a fitness and lifestyle program at George Brown College. It was through this opportunity to fuse dance with fitness that Paul developed an interest in anatomy and helping clients on the path toward optimal health.

After three years of teaching various group exercise classes at a community centre, and serving as a personal trainer, Paul decided to return to school and learn more about anatomy and kinesiology, a subject he describes as “relative to what I already knew”. CCMH’s reputation and longevity impressed him and he enrolled in the Massage Therapy program. It wasn’t long after he graduated that he got a phone call from CCMH, offering him a job interview.

They “proposed a job opportunity as a Clinic Supervisor,” said Paul. “It resonated as an incredible opportunity.” Having previous teaching experience, Paul was excited to be involved in student life and start his career at CCMH. He remembers preparing for the interview with Terry-Lynn, CCMH Toronto Director of Education, and describes how he felt afterwards. “The interview went well and I was offered the job – I was delighted to have someone like her…offer me the job, but also to be a part of a school and faculty of such high calibre.”

Now that Paul has worked at CCMH for some time, his enthusiasm for what he does is apparent. “I enjoy helping students as much as I love helping my massage clients – they’re simply different paths. With clients, I try to help improve the quality of their lives by decreasing pain and improving function. With students, I try to enrich their learning experience in order to [have students] successfully pass all exams and be their very best once they’ve graduated.”

Paul has transferred his skills and passion from his first career to his current one. He considers it a privilege to witness the growth of students over the course of the program, sharing in their moments of enlightenment and seeing them grasp and perfect techniques and concepts they once found difficult. “My absolute favourite part is when student therapists receive praise from their client in the student intern clinic – the clients that are compelled to share their great experience with administration.” Paul’s dedication to his students and his pride in their progress and accomplishments is obvious. We know that he will continue to touch the lives of his clients and students as he continues to build his career.

It can be life-changing to transition into a new career! So many of our graduates have experienced what Paul did, and have built long-term careers as a health care professional, practicing Registered Massage Therapy. Paul is one of CCMH Toronto’s talented faculty members and a past CCMH graduate. To learn more about our team, visit our faculty page.


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