Giving Back: Alumnus Carmelo Brual Speaks to Students about Hydrotherapy and Finding the Right Career

Giving Back: Alumnus Carmelo Brual Speaks to Students about Hydrotherapy and Finding the Right Career

CCMH was thrilled to welcome back alumnus Carmelo Brual, who gave a talk on hydrotherapy and building a career to students. Carmelo was excited to be back and gave our current students some insights into the practice of this therapeutic approach. Our students appreciated him taking the time to come in as they were interested to hear about the real life experience of a RMT. As current student Sienna said, “especially during finals – it’s nice to have the motivation,” and remember what you are working toward. His passion and dedication are easy to see, inspiring students and prompting the comment: “We want more alumni coming in!”

While Carmelo is currently practicing as a RMT, this was not his first career path. Prior to attending CCMH, Carmelo worked in the field of information technology. He found that he was not enjoying it, and knew that he did not want to continue engaging in that community. So, he decided to make a change and embark on a second career. He knew he wanted to help people and decided to study massage therapy. Since graduating, Carmelo has worked in a clinic using his knowledge of hydrotherapy techniques to treat his patients.

Carmelo really enjoys helping his patients. Although some of his patients’ problems cannot be fixed, they can be alleviated; the relief is powerful and keeps him and his patients motivated. In massage therapy, some patients can feel a difference after their first session, but many patients perceive/recognize the benefits over time. “One client said she’s been to 2 chiropractors, 2 clinics,” says Carmelo, “[and] she’s been able to regain motion in her shoulder again. The amount of improvement in 3 months is amazing.”

It is wonderful to see how Carmelo’s second career in massage therapy has supported his aspiration to help others. Carmelo came to CCMH for help on the path to becoming an RMT and he is enjoying the opportunity to give back to students on their path toward a great career in massage therapy.

It was a pleasure to have Carmelo come in to speak with our current students. We appreciate our alumni coming in to share their insight and advice. We welcome our alumni to contact Susy Goldstein at [email protected] if they are interested in speaking with CCMH students.


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