How Sports Brought Kinesiology Graduate Corey Jonas to CCMH

How Sports Brought Kinesiology Graduate Corey Jonas to CCMH

Corey JonasCCMH Toronto student Corey Jonas has always loved sports. That love of sports led to some wonderful experiences like running sports camps and volunteering at a sports clinic. His experience at the clinic inspired Corey to pursue a Kinesiology degree at York University. This same clinic also provided him with opportunities to meet different health care professionals, such as M.D.s and osteopaths. While Corey was considering going into Athletic Therapy after his undergraduate studies, his mentors and friends at the clinic encouraged him to consider Massage Therapy. CCMH Toronto alumna Ashley Lee, RMT, introduced Corey to CCMH and together, they took a tour of our school.

“I looked at the program,” said Corey, “It was an easy fit. Everything flowed nicely and the faculty were great.” Having already studied kinesiology, Corey felt well prepared in many of his classes and was even exempt from some of his courses. “The education we’re getting is amazing,” said Corey, “I’m studying all the time. The program is all encompassing. It is physically and mentally demanding. Many of the courses are a good refresher, but also a good way to relearn because you know you will be applying knowledge in a different way.”

In addition to the exceptional education in the classroom, Corey has also appreciated the practical learning he has gained through his placements. “Jane Wellwood (Senior Clinical Placement Coordinator) is wonderful; she is supportive and experienced” said Corey. After his first placement at the Toronto Rehab Hospital, where he was exposed to cases involving spinal cord injuries, head trauma, stroke, and paralysis, Jane asked Corey to be the first student to participate in a musculoskeletal placement for his second placement. “It was just as good as the first placement. It is rewarding to see patients reaction to their treatment. I felt so accomplished to be part of the team.”

Corey is currently working out of two fitness centres, Sunny Gym and Schwartz-Reisman Centre, as well offering private home treatments. He also offers health and wellness day events to corporate and commercial companies.  In the new year he will also work at Athletic Therapy Services sports clinic.

Corey is learning the importance of being an independent contractor and discovering new experiences to work smarter when treating multiple clients daily to avoid burning out. He’s loving the flexibility of his schedule and hours, as he feels like he can still accomplish a lot in his days. He’s always looking to learn new ways of approaching treatments and making sure his clients are still improving and accomplishing their goals.

CCMH is proud to announce an Accelerated Program for Kinesiology Graduates. In 12 months, you could be eligible to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). For more information about the Accelerated Program in Toronto or in Cambridge, learn more here or attend one of our upcoming open houses.

If you’d like to read more stories from our graduates, check out Dana’s blog post on her background, CCMH journey, and bright future.

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