The Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, a Positive Space for All

The Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, a Positive Space for All

DSCF0740 (2)Safety and trust are essential to the practice of massage therapy. As a student, you must work to master your skills and build the confidence to apply those skills in practice. You must also learn to trust yourself when it comes to providing care. And then, you must show yourself to be worthy of the trust your patients put in you so that they feel safe and at ease during a session. Without safety and trust, a health-care practitioner cannot create a successful working relationship with a patient.

The College of Massage has always worked to provide a safe and trusting environment for its students, one that we would expect to find in a massage practice. We have highly credentialed instructors, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and providing students with a great learning experience. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to encouraging and helping each of our students to ensure they are thriving. Our students also benefit from working with each other, not only in terms of learning and developing their massage therapy skills, but in terms of the unique perspectives and backgrounds that each student brings to the table. We are proud to have a wonderfully diverse student population, which enriches the learning experience of all of our students.

Outside the classroom, the College of Massage cultivates a positive environment for our patients and students in our clinic and in our outreach programs. Our students welcome the opportunity to treat every patient, whether they are suffering from acute or chronic conditions, or are new to or experienced with massage therapy. All the while, our students and faculty treat all patients with respect and consideration.

It is wonderful to see our students graduating and moving on to careers as massage therapists, respected by their patients and fellow practitioners. Knowledge and mastery only take you so far, for without a connection between therapist and patient, effective treatment cannot occur. To see our alumni continuing in our tradition of establishing safety and trust in their practice and the excellent rapport that grows from that environment, makes us truly proud. So it is really our pleasure to celebrate their successes and accomplishments. Graduation may be a formal celebration, but we celebrate our community members year round.


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