The Master of Muscles: An Anatomy Lover Becomes an RMT

The Master of Muscles: An Anatomy Lover Becomes an RMT

Maria photoMaria always enjoyed studying health and sciences, but she didn’t always know how she wanted to incorporate it into her career. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Queens University, she went to medical school. Maria quickly discovered it wasn’t the right fit for her. She realized that what she had enjoyed most in medical school was anatomy and hands-on practice. She still wanted to be a healthcare practitioner, but she wanted to use a more natural approach. After rigorous research on different programs and visiting several schools, she came to conclude that “CCMH was the best of the Massage Schools by far. I felt a warm welcome here.” A sentiment felt by many in the College of Massage community, Maria continues by explaining how “the teachers were great. I could ask questions easily. The class size was great and there was one-to-one time.” Before long, Maria was using her background in anatomy and science to tutor her fellow classmates, which she describes as the “best decision for me to help me pass exams, because I had gone over [the material] 15 times.”

This tutoring experience definitely came in handy as Maria, now a CCMH graduate, teaches the Gross Anatomy and Palpation course at CCMH. Outside of CCMH, Maria is working as an RMT at a clinic four days a week and also makes house calls. She enjoys working in rehabilitation, focusing on lower limbs, glutes, lower limb injuries and IT band contractures, which she sees a lot in her practice. She is thrilled that she gets to use her knowledge of anatomy and how everything works together to help her patients address the different factors contributing to their problems. When it comes to developing students’ diagnostic abilities, Maria says “CCMH has done that to a T,” as you learn how to communicate effectively with your patients so that you can figure out what the issues are and effectively diagnose and begin the appropriate treatment.  In some ways, she says, “doctors are the masters of drugs, chiropractors are the masters of bones, and massage therapists are the masters of muscles.”

It is a pleasure to see Maria’s success in her role at CCMH, and as a professional. Our students come from many academic backgrounds and it is wonderful that becoming an RMT has proven to be the right choice for Maria. If you would like to learn more about our programs, click here or attend one of our Open Houses.



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