5 Benefits of Family Oriented Massage Practice

5 Benefits of Family Oriented Massage Practice

One of the most promising areas to specialize your practice is family health. With more and more families becoming aware of the benefits of alternative medicine as a way to keep they family healthy, massage has many avenues that parents may pursue. Here are five benefits of having a family oriented massage practice:

  1. Family Friendly: Many clinics and spas are not family friendly. This can often make it difficult for new mothers to find a place to have a massage especially if she needs to have her baby or child in tow. You can create a welcoming environment for mothers and families by providing a child watching service during your appointments. This can be someone you hire specifically to handle watching the children or it can be an arrangement you make with a team member such as the receptionist. The important advantage of this service is it allows mothers to receive a relaxing massage without having to find a baby sitter or to be distracted with the baby in the massage room. You have to be certain you have a set up that is conducive to providing a safe and welcoming place for babies and children to stay as well as a dedicated person who understands this is part of their roles and responsibilities. Mothers will love this unique offering and you can become the massage therapist of choice for new moms in your neighbourhood.
  2. Prenatal Massage: Prenatal massage is a specialty that not all RMT’s offer. With the stresses and body changes experienced by expectant mothers having a safe alternative to pain medication will help mothers experiencing pain and even stress. A pregnant woman’s blood volume increases as much as 40% and massage therapy will help nourish the heart with an increase to blood circulation. You can grow your practice offering the following benefits to your patients:
  • Ease pelvic/hip area pain, backaches, headaches, shoulder and neck aches associated with increasing weight
  • Increase circulation and improve digestion
  • Reduce fatigue and improve sleep
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Help reduce swelling
  • Alleviate stress on joints
  • Offer relaxation
  1. Labour Massage Instruction: Because massage therapy can alleviate pain many pregnant moms and their partners are learning about labour massage. It can help in a number of ways and even lead to quicker recovery. Massage in the lower back and pelvic area can assist mothers during labour. You can expand your clinic and consider working with a doula as a member of your team to aid pregnant moms in labour and preparation for birth. You can also opt to offer courses to expectant couples on labour massage techniques.
  2. Parent Infant Massage: Infant massage is an excellent service to offer at a family centric clinic. You can actually provide a unique service working with new parents at infant appointments to show them techniques they can use at home with their babies.  You can promote the many benefits of infant massage including:
  • Excellent bonding tool for parents and their baby as well as a mind and body connection
  • Increases self esteem in children who are given affection
  • Provides love and improves communication
  • Teaches parents to read their infant’s cues
  • Teaches parents confidence in their parenting abilities
  • Provides relaxation for baby and parents
  1. Therapist Infant Massage: When you provide infant massage parents will be grateful to find a way to stop the crying from the many challenges infants face including:
  • Aids in sleep patterns and soothing
  • Takes away the stresses of birth
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves digestive, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems
  • Decreases affects of painful symptoms such as congestion, colic and teething
  • Improves muscle tone

As you can see a family focused practice is a very worthwhile endeavour that will offer a haven for young mothers and their families while providing you with a very lucrative niche clinic.


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