5 Tips to Success for a Seated Massage Practice

5 Tips to Success for a Seated Massage Practice

Once you graduate from your RMT courses you will have many options to help get your career off the ground. One of the best business opportunities for RMT’s is becoming a mobile seated massage therapist. You can arrange to set up services with local businesses to provide massages to staff, have partnerships with local hair and nail salons, approach local gyms to provide onsite massages to members or even go to the homes of your clients. It is a flexible career with many opportunities and can prove to be both fulfilling and lucrative. You even have the opportunity to have a larger service working with a team of RMT’s you hire to work for you. Here are five tips to help you succeed with a seated massage practice:

  1. Approach a Large Seated Massage Service: First and foremost you want to acquire as much experience in seated massage as possible. The best way to do this is to approach a larger seated or corporate massage service and offer your services to them. Many are on the constant look out for RMT’s to join their mobile teams. You will have access to clients as well as a chair so you can hone your skills and get a good feel for what the business is all about. You may even find some good contacts as long as you don’t try to approach any clients of the company for whom you are working as this would be unethical.
  2. Invest in a Chair: Once you get a feel for seated massage you will know if you are willing to invest in your own chair. You will want to find a chair that is easy to lug around and that will fit in your vehicle. Massage chairs are very affordable and with your own chair you will be prepared to start seeking out your own clients.
  3. Sell Yourself: Unfortunately this is a business where you will have to learn to sell yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to approach companies and offer to provide a seated massage service at their site. Explain the benefits of the massages you will offer and that it will not cost them anything. Consider offering them a fair cut and outline how you can work together to improve their business. Some good starting points would include salons, gyms, clinics, smaller hotels, pharmacies. Offer to provide services that you will advertise and promote on your own as this will generate more business for them potentially. Once you can get your foot in the door the businesses will be more likely to see the potential value of having you continue to provide your services.
  4. Build a Niche: Having a niche will help you avoid trying to be all things to all people. Your niche can focus on one type of business partnership such as local clinics or salons, a certain geographical area close to your home or even a line of professionals such as lawyers or accountants. This will help in a number of ways: a) it will allow you to focus and target your marketing to local or trade magazine or websites b) you can advertise yourself as the “Seated Massage Expert to Lawyers, salons or whatever area you choose” and c) you will have a manageable area to try to sell your services.
  5. Target Associations: Once you choose a niche you can actually then target their associations in order to market yourself. You can look at directories online and have access to a sector of people to whom you wish to offer your services. This will allow you to have a strategy instead of trying to approach everyone you can willy nilly.

These five tips will help you establish yourself as a professional seated massage expert to start you off on what will prove to be a lucrative and rewarding career.


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