5 Secrets to help get your RMT Career off the Ground

5 Secrets to help get your RMT Career off the Ground

If you recently graduated from your RMT courses and are uncertain how to launch your career there are a few secrets you can use to get started. It all begins with a goal and these five trade secrets:

  1. Your Goals: You probably became an RMT for one of two reasons: 1) you want to help people and/or 2) you wanted a career that would be flexible and lucrative. You have to determine your goals and decide where you want to be and how you want to use your new found skills. You have a lot of choices to make and determining your goals will bring you closer to reaching them.
  2. Tap your Entrepreneurial Spirit: You have received all the training you need to provide effective therapeutic treatment for your clients however you might feel you are lacking knowledge at the business end. It is time to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit so you can discover where you can go. Your best bet: research. Start reading online about all of the ideas and areas you can branch into and how others have succeeded. You can read more about the entrepreneurial spirit and interesting areas to find your niche here:
  1. Changing with the Times: Society in general has changed with different expectations for treatments and a more open minded approach to their own care. There is definitely more focus on understanding the importance of relaxation. You have to know that the approaches used for massage therapy have a different focus today and that will continue to change. Stimulating the mechano-receptors works to relax muscles where old school approaches focused on pain-causing therapies activating the nociceptors in order to cause contraction. Understanding that there are different massages for different patient’s needs will allow you to be more successful with your efforts resulting in return visits and more referrals.
  2. Self Care: You want to enjoy a long and successful career. You have to consider the treatments you are using and how they affect your own body. You want to focus on proper body mechanics, but also be aware of the dangers of repetitive strain injuries. These occur due to using the same strenuous movements and often this is not only less effective but unnecessary. Learning to avoid over exerting yourself will keep you in business longer while still being able to satisfy your clients’ needs.
  3. Quick and Gentle: You have to be determined to combine points 3 and 4 in order to enjoy a successful career. Your main duty is to provide effective stimulus-response with your patients’ nervous systems. Muscles will respond as you command them by either relaxing or contracting. There is no need to place unnecessary strain and pressure on your patient or yourself. Using a gentle and quick approach to the mechano-receptors will let the body’s own nervous system do its job and relax the muscles in need of attention. Reciprocal inhibition occurs every time the body moves. According to Sherrington’s Second Law when a muscle is contracted, its antagonist is inhibited (relaxed) during each moment of the movement. This mechanism can be utilized to “reset” muscle tone to “normal” or “default” levels if done properly. Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT) allows you to reset muscles effectively without over exerting yourself or cause pain or discomfort to your patient. Pain relief is often instantaneous. NRT works as follows:
  • Stimuli is applied to muscles
  • Mechano-receptors are activated
  • Information is carried by sensory neurons to the spinal cord
  • The information resets to regulate muscle tone
  • Motor neurons use this new information for the muscle fibers
  • The muscles are able to lengthen and relax

These five tips will start you off on the right path to a long and successful career as an RMT.



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