Generate Income Selling these 5 Massage Tools at your Practice

Generate Income Selling these 5 Massage Tools at your Practice

If you are looking for ideas to help generate more income for your practice it is not uncommon for RMT’s to opt to sell product to their patients. One of the best options is to offer massage tools patients can use for self massage between appointments. Here are five massage tools that would make excellent options to sell to your clients:

  1. Lower Back and Shoulders: Patients suffering from lower back and shoulder pain will benefit from an Ess hook self massage tool. These tools are designed to allow patients to apply soothing massage to the shoulders, hips and lower back easily. The Ess hook design can be applied using the pressure points and patients can use as light or heavy pressure as they find comfortable. The beauty of tools such as the Original Backnobber is that they are adjustable and therefore can be used for any body size. Patients who work at a desk all day can keep them at work and use them when they experience tension on the neck and shoulder areas. Because many fold down they can also be carried about so they can benefit from them at home and office. You can demonstrate to your patients where to apply pressure based on their pain.
  2. Upper and Lower Extremities: Patients with issues on their arms and legs can use roller devices to easily apply massage. Tools such as the Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager can be applied to the legs as well as areas of the arms as required. They are easy to use as they are simply rolled over the area causing issues using the pressure that is most comfortable for the patient.
  3. Palm Massagers: There are also many designs of palm massagers. These little tools come in handy for your use as well as they can be used when your hands are tired or you are having trouble getting enough pressure. Palm massagers can be used anywhere on the body a patient can reach on their own. They can also have a partner apply massage using the device. This tool is great for trigger points, releasing tight or tense muscles and neck and back massage. They come in many different designs, sizes and configurations and one of the most popular makes is the Original Hob Jacknobber which looks like playing pieces in the game jacks.
  4. Scalp Massagers: This tool is actually a perfect gift idea for patients but can also be used whenever feeling tense. Scalp massagers are ideal for relaxing and can be used for patients who might suffer from migraines and headaches. There are also scalp massage brushes that can be sold for patients for both relaxation purposes as well as assisting with circulation and tension relief from everything such as headaches to TMJ related issues.
  5. Massage Oils: You can also consider selling massage oils or aromatherapy essential oils to patients who prefer the use of oils for massage. They can use the oils to apply massage more comfortably using their own hands. You can review techniques with your patients so they know the best way to apply self massage effectively.

These are just five examples of the tools you can sell through your practice to offer your patients the opportunity to reduce pain and tension in between sessions. The good news is that although they are helpful they will not replace the effectiveness of a massage provided by a therapist.





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