7 Ways to Leverage the Massage Bar Inc.’s Airport Massage Business Model

7 Ways to Leverage the Massage Bar Inc.’s Airport Massage Business Model

In the U.S. Massage Bar Inc. had the brilliant idea to set up house in airports to offer weary travelers an excellent opportunity to relax in between connections, after getting off the plane or while waiting for a flight following a stressful business trip. Located in 18 airports in the U.S. they estimate they provide massages to about 300 passengers per day which means travelers are stressed and looking for ways to relieve the tension associated with travel. Chair massage offers easy access to massage without the need to disrobe and still provides the relaxation and muscle relief that passengers are seeking. You can leverage the Massage Bar Inc.’s brilliance focusing on traveler’s services for your practice using these unique ideas:

  1. Jet Lag Reflexology: An excellent option to add to your repertoire is a jet lag massage. Many spas and hotels have created a jet lag option that focuses on reducing the stress and fatigue caused by jet lag. You can offer reflexology focusing on the pineal gland to aid in the release of melatonin which will encourage your clients to experience healthy wake sleep cycles.
  2. Jet Lag Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is another modality that aids in getting people’s clocks and bodies back on track. Inhaling the right essential oils will aid in revitalizing the limbic, digestive and immune systems. It will also regulate heart rate and blood pressure while reducing stress levels.
  3. Traveler’s Immune System Massage: Every traveler knows there is a good chance they can catch something nasty on their flight. You can offer massage to people planning a trip to help enhance their immune systems. Let people know that massage can help get their immune systems functioning more effectively and better enable them to fight bacteria and infection they might encounter in their travels. It will also aid in helping their bodies process and absorb nourishment to keep them healthy.
  4. Business Traveler’s Massage: Business travel is extremely stressful and offering a massage that will concentrate on relieving tension, improving sleep and assisting with stress related headaches is an excellent option to frequent flyers. You can also emphasize special circulation system massages for long distance travelers (prior to travel not following as massage can actually release DVT’s).
  5. Long Distance Travelers: As above you can offer pre-flight circulation massages for long distance travelers. You can consider teaching self massage for patients to use during the flight in order to keep circulation flowing and show them how to use a golf ball to roll underfoot every once in a while to encourage better circulation as well.
  6. Motion Sickness Self Massage: Assist patients by offering a massage session that will teach them the acupressure areas they can pinpoint if they are suffering from motion sickness. Acupressure can be applied on their own or they can have their travel companion do it for them.
  7. Self Massage Tools: Showcase self massage tools that people can put in their suitcases or carry on bags so they can relieve tension following long flights when they arrive at their hotels. This can be an excellent way to increase revenues for your practice. You can also offer essential oils and recommend a soothing bath for those who might suffer from jet lag.

Travel is associated with stress whether it is for business or pleasure. By offering massages and therapies directly prescribed to travelers will heighten patient’s awareness of the services available and help you create speciality massage techniques for frequent travelers.




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