Education, Experience and Marketing to Create your RMT Niche

Education, Experience and Marketing to Create your RMT Niche

Becoming an RMT can sometimes get competitive and finding ways to carve out your own niche is often the key to success. Keeping yourself well educated, acquiring as much experience as you can and developing some keen marketing skills will help you discover your niche and market yourself as the expert in your chosen modality.

Staying Educated

It is not enough to complete your RMT program if you want to open your own clinic. In order to develop a following of loyal, grateful clients who can’t live without you and who will send you referrals you have to expand your horizons. Stay on top of the latest trends in massage therapy and keep your eyes open for the ones that speak to you. Whether you discover your interest lies in sports injuries, you love the indulgent aspects of spa treatments or prefer a more therapeutic approach working with the elderly or those living with chronic pain you will always do well when you are looking for ways to improve yourself. Set goals for yourself so you are ever planning your next move. If you find a course you know will help improve your skill set look at the cost and work towards a time you can save the money to enrol. Plan your schedule to accommodate courses and look for ones that will work well to a) suit your ultimate goals and b) not wreak havoc with your current career path. Be certain the courses you choose make sense to help find your niche and that your niche is not just a passing fad.

Build Experience

Keep in mind it is not realistic to expect to walk out of school and suddenly have your own thriving clinic. Instead focus on acquiring as much experience as you can. If you don’t know where you want to focus your career, try out a few different areas. Take jobs with clinics, spas, hotels and sports injuries clinics and find out which ones speak to your inner RMT. This will help build experience but will also help you discover what niche will work best for your interests. Find inspiration from your clients and also look for a mentor who can help guide you and help you meet your goals. If you are not happy take it as a cue to move on. Never burn bridges with employers. Always remain professional and be reasonable when seeking new opportunities. Never leave a clinic high and dry, as when you do you are also leaving your clients high and dry.

Market your Skills

Once you find your niche set up a web site to flaunt your skills. Post information about the techniques you use, case studies featuring success stories and even a daily or weekly blog discussing your expertise and insights into your treatments. This will help boost your profile and allow people to find you. Focus on raising local awareness and look for opportunities to meet new people. Look for forums, trade shows and charity events where you can offer your services. Consider placing an ad in local papers and speak to local clinics about posting a message or business cards in their waiting rooms.  You can even do a press release to local news channels and newspapers to let them know about your unique services or charity work you have done that might get you mentioned in the media for free.

Staying focused on education and experience will help you find your niche and ultimately your success in a fulfilling career as an RMT.




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