Massage Table Comfort for Your Patients

Massage Table Comfort for Your Patients

The massage table you use plays a key role in the comfort of your patients. From the height you use when adjusting your table to the special needs of pregnant patients you want to find the table that will provide the support and relief they need to enjoy the best possible experience.

Memory Foam Decks
Memory foam decks are making a splash in the massage table market. Memory foam provides support unlike any other material. Because it contours to the body it assists in alleviating pressure points and provides support that matches the natural alignment of the body. Memory foam is also very luxurious providing the ultimate comfort for your patients during their massage. This is why massage tables featuring memory foam decks tend to be more expensive. It is impossible to find a massage table that will suit everyone’s needs and memory foam does have some drawbacks. For example, foam in general tends to have a rubbery smell so it is important to allow them to air out before you begin using them. Memory foam also holds onto body heat which can be positive on chilly days and for those patients who tend to feel chilly during a massage session. However in warmer weather or for patients who might tend to feel clammy or too warm during a massage you have to be certain you set the temperature in your room to accommodate the extra warmth.

Pregnancy Pillows
When working on pregnant patients there are many factors you have to keep in mind. The benefits of massage during pregnancy are many including alleviating joint and back pain, improving circulation and cardiovascular health as well as helping to balance mood. However pregnant women may have difficulty getting comfortable on a normal massage table. Many RMT’s like to perform massage with the patient lying on their sides, however some women may not feel they are getting the full benefit of massage when lying in this position. A contoured pregnancy pillow or cushion allows pregnant women to lie on their tummies comfortably in order to reap the full benefits of massage techniques for their backs, necks, buttocks and legs.

Suitable Height Adjustment
Adjustable tables are a must to allow you to find a height that is right for both you and your patient. In some cases if you are forced to use a massage table that is not adjustable you should make sure you have a safe stool or steps to allow patients to get onto the bed safely. As a rule, if possible, you want the table to be 2 inches lower than your base knuckles. The lower you adjust your table the more comfortable it will be for you to perform your massage which in turn will provide a more pleasant experience for your patients. As you know body mechanics must be considered for every session and the proper and most comfortable table height will aid immensely in providing you the best positions for proper body mechanics. Make sure you know how to adjust your table so that you have it safely secured when working on patients and also avoid injuring yourself.


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