Practicing Self Massage at Home

Practicing Self Massage at Home

The benefits of massage can be enjoyed using self massage. These techniques can be practiced at home to relieve headaches, stress and neck and shoulder pain.

Essential Oils

Using warm oil will help you better manipulate your skin as well as to make more soothing strokes and rubbing without friction. It is best to warm oil in a cup of boiling water to get it to a comfortable temperature. You can aid the process by adding essential oils to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy during the massage. Lavender works well for a calming affect, eucalyptus to help clear sinuses and soothe symptoms of cold and flu and rosemary and sage for a warming effect.

Simple Reflexology

Perhaps the easiest approach you can start with is reflexology. Most people can do this self massage technique as it does not require as much flexibility. You can apply the warm oil to your hands and find a comfy chair. You can then begin by applying a little more oil to the sole of your foot and use the following steps:

  • Apply comforting figure eights using your knuckle from your toes to your heel.
  • Start at the heel and apply circular motions with your knuckle over the entire sole of your foot to the base of the toes.
  • Apply smaller circular motions at the base of the big toe.
  • Finally massage along the bottom outside edges of your feet.

To Relieve Headaches

Headaches are a common complaint. You can use these techniques for the relief of headaches:

  • For general headaches you can begin by applying pressure to either side of the bridge of the nose with your pointing fingers. Move upwards to the upper bone of your eye sockets. Repeat 5-10 times.
  • For sinus pain and congestion apply pressure along the cheekbones right back to the ears.
  • For jaw tension that can cause headaches, clench your jaw and apply pressure along the jaw line using your finger tips.

Neck and Shoulders

There are two techniques you can use to relieve neck and shoulder tension and pain:

  • You can massage the base of your neck by making a fist and applying rolling motion at the base.
  • If you are not as flexible, you can use reflexology by massaging the base of your big toes and then massaging upwards to the top of your toe.

Using these techniques will allow you to enjoy the benefits of self massage for relief from headache, pain and stress.


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