CCMH Graduating Student Survey

CCMH Graduating Student Survey

At our recent graduation ceremony, we chatted with some of our CCMH grads to get their insights on life as a student in our hallowed hallways! See what they had to say below:

If you could sum up your experience at CCMH in a few words, what would they be?

“Tough, sleep-deprived and well worth it!”


“Challenging, tough, satisfying.”


“The wildest roller-coaster of my life. I’m glad today happened.”


“Challenging but so memorable!”


Some additional CCMH student comments were taken anonymously. Check them out!

“It was challenging and painful. But I trust myself more now.”

“It was honestly incredible. It was a lot of fun but really hard work.”

“It was the most intense, horrible, magnificent experience!”

“It was such accelerated learning. I grew a lot and learned a lot in a short time. Amazing!”

Thanks for your words graduates!! For our current students: how would you describe your experience so far at CCMH? We can’t wait to hear what you have to say when you reach graduation!


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