Cory Mintz Scholarship Goes to a Toronto CCMH Student!

Cory Mintz Scholarship Goes to a Toronto CCMH Student!

 On May 16, for the fifth year in a row, the annual Cory Mintz Scholarship was awarded.

For the first time since its inception however, this year the award was granted to a student at our very own Toronto campus! Congratulations to our deserving winner, Rashpal Sahota!

To qualify for consideration, students had to submit an essay explaining how they exhibit attributes such as peer and community respect, willingness to take on responsibility, creativity and spirit. Rashpal’s essay discussed her passion for health, wellness and helping others, and how those pursuits have shaped her journey to date. She has transitioned from teaching fitness classes in the UK to training as a massage therapist here in Canada, in addition to working in partnership with a variety of health organizations. To date, her experience includes cardiac rehabilitation, fitness and coaching. Rashpal says that being so in touch with various health industry institutions has helped her gain “a true sense of responsibility and belonging to my community.” Rashpal’s ultimate goal, however, is to open her own Wellness Centre.

“My passion to be in the wellness industry and aid others both physically and psychologically has never faded,” writes Rashpal in her winning essay. “My vision for a Wellness Centre is that physically and psychologically healthy individuals lead to a profile of a community that has high self-esteem.” With her diverse background in a number of physically therapeutic and health-related roles, Rashpal aims to apply a multi-dimensional approach to building a Wellness Centre that cultivates physical health, fitness and personal growth.

Joining the CCMH Community

For someone with such big ambitions, CCMH is the right place to be- and Rashpal knew it from the first time she toured the campus. “I immediately felt the professionalism far outweighed any other schools I had researched,” recalls Rashpal. “The students looked very professional while clearly enjoying themselves, and the facilities and resources offered were of high quality.”

Now that she is in Term 1 of the May 2013 intake, Rashpal hasn’t been disappointed. “Having started the course now, it has surpassed my expectations. The level of teaching is exemplary and the student dynamic is fantastic.” Her studies here have even broadened her scope of professional interests. Once committed to the idea of specializing in sport massage therapy, Rashpal is now enjoying the process of exploring all areas of massage therapy fully.

The Big Moment

When presented with her award on a lunch break in the CCMH hallways, Rashpal says, “I was ecstatic and overwhelmed!” She is honoured to win an award whose values she believes in so whole-heartedly. Rashpal will no doubt do the award justice as she continues on her path to becoming a valuable, talented practitioner. The Cory Mintz scholarship brings her one step closer to her dreams- and winning this award is especially meaningful to a student with such ambitious plans. “I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel for achieving my goals that I have visualized for so long,” says Rashpal. “It’s a real sign that I am on the right path.”


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