Becoming an Eco-Friendly Massage Therapist

Becoming an Eco-Friendly Massage Therapist

Eco-conscious mandates are a major trend and a competitive business practice that we often see in the service industry today. This includes massage therapy. This profile of an eco-conscious American massage therapist shows how extensively a practitioner or an independent massage business can commit to earth-friendly materials and practices. RMT Jenny LePage renovated her entire clinic with her environmental commitments as her guiding design principles. With cork floors, clay paint, and beeswax candles, LePage’s practice is perhaps an extreme example of how a massage therapist can make environmentally responsible changes. While her commitment is undeniably inspiring, what stands out in this piece- particularly for new practitioners- is the reminder that “you don’t have to make sweeping changes. You can make decisions based on your budget and do what’s within your power.” It’s certainly true. As this student-geared piece encourages us, there are many different ways to think green. Some of the easy-to-implement changes and practices in this article include:

> Choosing organic massage oils and creams. This will hopefully also introduce your patients to the pleasantness and effectiveness of eco-friendly alternative products.

> Using green cleaners. When tidying up your massage equipment, avoid hazardous and harsh chemicals.

>Serve filtered rather than bottled water to your clients.

>Save energy by choosing dim or LED lighting.

As both articles mention, promoting an environmentally conscious practice is often a desirable selling feature for clients. You’ll attract those who share similar values, and may earned continued business from individuals who enjoy the opportunity to invest in a responsible local practice. Most importantly however, it’s just another way to take pride in both your business and your contribution to a sustainable future. As you work toward becoming a RMT and begin to figure out what shape your professional identity will take, consider which values will be most important to you as a practitioner- or perhaps one day, a business owner.




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