Massage Therapy and the Fight Against Illness

Massage Therapy and the Fight Against Illness

Massages feel great, reduce stress and treat both temporary and chronic muscular issues. Massage has now also been proven to strengthen your immune system. That’s right! Massage therapists are now responsible for an increase in the defense against illness.

As this L.A. Times article points out, a 2010 study found that just a single Swedish massage produces measurable changes in the endocrine system (responsible for the secretion of hormones) and the immune system as a whole. Hormones that contribute towards aggression and stress were impacted by the massage as well.

What does this mean to RMT’s and prospective RMT’s?

Massage therapy seems to have an almost holistic effect on the human body. From psychological benefits such as reduced stress, to physiological affects on increased blood flow, massage therapy impacts the body as a whole. Now it contributes to fight against illness and disease. Your work continues to impact and improve the lives of others in a more substantial way.

What does this mean to everyone else?

Massage therapy is clearly beyond pampering. It’s a scientifically proven aid to the healthy functioning of the human body. As the evidence shows, massage therapy will benefit you both body and mind.

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