RMT at Fun and Flexible Burnaby Clinic

RMT at Fun and Flexible Burnaby Clinic

Amora Massage Therapy Clinic

Burnaby, British Columbia

59 days ago


August 15, 2021

Full Time

Competitive Percentage Split

Job Description

For over 30 years, Amora Massage Therapy Clinic has been an established and flourishing location in Burnaby.

The clinic was rebranded and renovated in 2015 and continues to maintain high standards for client and therapist care as reflected in 4.6 star reviews on Google and Therapist Retention. Many new clients find us from our high search results on Google and other search engines and our Therapists have stayed from graduation for 5, 7, to even 25 years / retirement.

Our Clinic provides Janeapp charting, laundry service, clean linens/sheets, massage oil, and flexible work times. Each room is equipped with a hydraulic massage table, full length electric heating pad, laundry and sheet storage, and a handwashing sink.

Regular shifts are available for a Full or Part Time client load, with flexibility to work additional times when a room is free.

If you are ready to join this busy clinic and dynamic, fun team, please submit your resume to [email protected]

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Amora Massage Therapy Clinic
Website: www.AmoraRMT.com
Email: [email protected]

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